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The Customer

This international jewelry manufacturer was founded in 1982 and markets its products in over 100 countries with over 7000 retail stores across 6 continents, including an aggressive expansion strategy in China. The customer operates international retail stores as well as their own eCommerce experience based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Additional channels include third-party sites such as Amazon and Tmall.

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The Challenge

Customers demand a seamless experience across channels - a consistent and personal brand experience. At the same time, they want to increase brand affinity and engagement and drive more eCommerce sales. Yet the online customer experience showed a massive gap between branded campaign pages and the online shop, resulting in over 80% drop-off between content pages and product pages. Further, the customer has fast-paced campaign plan tied to their annual main sales events, such as Valentine’s Day. Yet executing campaigns required custom development and technical resources, reducing turnaround times and agility significantly.

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The Solution

After evaluating available CMS solutions, the jewelry manufacturer chose CoreMedia to create a better customer experience. CoreMedia’s unique ability to blend content with eCommerce functionality allowed the customer to build shoppable content such as blog posts, campaign pages, and videos that directly convert, eliminating the high drop-off between branded and catalog pages. Further, CoreMedia content components are fully inventory-aware, and can automatically adapt the user experience based on inventory levels.

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The Result

Marketers and other non-technical users are now able to create the user experience with simple drag and drop and are able to choose from a wide variety of UI components. The ability to schedule campaigns directly also eliminated the need to stage content through the traditional daily eCommerce mechanisms. This resulted in much faster turnaround time for content campaigns. The client was able to go live with this new solution in under three months, which included the seamless integration into Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Online sales improved 61% in 2017 compared to the previous year.


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