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Nordson: Ready for the B2B Revolution?

You’re a successful global company with one business and multiple product lines. You’ve got some great new acquisitions under your belt and an emerging technology hub in Germany. Your technology is great and your prospects are expanding. But do you have the right partner to help you bring all these elements into a single online brand and take advantage of the $8 trillion global B2B e-Commerce market.

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B2B: The Next Generation

The modern B2B online user experience must be: 1) interactive, 2) content-driven, 3) dynamic, 4) personal, and 5) omni-channel. The math is simple: improved engagesment levels plus improved loyalty equals more sales. Deliver consistent brand experiences to all regions. Improve customer loyalty by connecting with customer on an emotional level. Create interactive content that blends media rich digital experiences with transactional data.

Global category leaders

Global business leaders in manufacturing, infrastructure, electronics, services, and more work with CoreMedia to drive more B2B sales and deliver unified brand experiences to every touchpoint.

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Follow Emerson's Success

With customers and authors spanning multiple regions and covering a wide variety of content types, Emerson Electric needed a solution that allowed for templated authoring, workflow management and asset delivery. The company chose CoreMedia based on our ability to provide a seamless authoring experience that optimizes content delivery across any digital channel, site, language or region. Let us do the same for you.

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Learn how other top B2B brands have unified their brands, expanded into new markets, and increased online revenue by taking their content to new heights. Download our exclusive selection of B2B case studies and get all the details on how CoreMedia helps.