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Future of Retail Intro

In the future, success in the cutthroat world of retail will come down to content – more than ever before. Because better content, expertly managed across all touchpoints, helps organizations succeed, stores sell, and brands win market share. It's the key ingredient in generating attention, building brands, or selling products. This is what the world's most successful brands are already doing. And this is what we at CoreMedia want to share: the top strategies we've observed that will play an ever increasing role in shaping the future of retail.

CoreMedia: When results matter

A leading global retailer achieved positive ROI with CoreMedia in less than 12 months – including the following business gains:

  • 8% increase in average order value
  • 60% increase in multichannel sales
  • 36% increase in online visitors
  • 75% reduction in overall time-to-web
  • 91% reduction in page build times
  • Edits to existing pages now 12X faster
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Shoppable Media

To thrive in the multi-channel future, brands will need to provide both compelling content and shoppable experiences on any platform. Shoppable media will need to be available on mobile apps, messaging platforms, social networks, online marketplaces, and elsewhere. Because before a product gets ordered, it first has to be seen and look convincing. Therefore, there will be increasing demand for great content that can be used in a wide range of commercial scenarios.

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The Best CMS for eCommerce

Winning at retail doesn't mean completely replacing your commerce system. It means augmenting it. CoreMedia supplements both commercial and homegrown eCommerce systems by allowing users to infuse them with visually engaging experiences and immersive content. CoreMedia’s robust, mature APIs and productized integration with leading eCommerce systems means seamless and real-time links with existing content repositories, product catalogs, pricing systems, and front-end modules.


A toast to your success.

Don’t know CoreMedia? We’re the pioneers, the artisans,, the team that takes you to new heights. We’re the fun-loving, rule-breaking, content management experts who are committed to your success. Our proven ability to deliver fast ROI and measurable results has helped us achieve an enviable customer retention rate and an unparalleled record of success. Got content? Let's get to know each other over a beer.