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The Perfect Path to IBM WCS V9

CoreMedia and Cnetric provide the ideal strategy + migration path to IBM WebSphere Commerce V9 and beyond. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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Watch our webinar to find out how to transition incrementally and seamlessly to IBM WCS V9 and beyond. Our smart, step-wise approach to migration will give you peace of mind and provide you with the competitive differentiation you need to compete.


The Spark

Brands need to provide immersive customer experiences that excite and convert to ensure success. So smart retailers and manufacturers are building online flagship stores and next-gen B2B sites that seamlessly integrate brand sites and online stores into a holistic experience.


The Opportunity

WCS V9 uses microcontainer-based architecture built on Docker - a software technology that provides an additional layer of abstraction and automation of OS-level virtualization. This promises to provide significantly improved performance and flexibility, making it easier than ever to deploy in the cloud. IBM WCS V9 allows brands to extend WCS to deliver the superior experience customers demand.


The Challenge

Upgrading to V9 can be time consuming and expensive, particularly for customers on older versions of the platform. Getting the most from this new architecture is a challenge as well. With content the key to success in digital commerce, how do you choose the right CMS? Does it have the enterprise-level features you need today and tomorrow?

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The Solution

CoreMedia and Cnetric can make the transition to IBM WCS V9 seamless and cost effective. We'll guide you through every step in the migration process - from initial analysis to ongoing maintenance. And once you've made the transition, CoreMedia can act as a digital experience layer that connects and orchestrates content and product data from both Content Hub and WebSphere Commerce, allowing you to publish these hybrid experiences to create an innovative online flagship store.