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Digital Connect with Mobify: How to go Headless with a Modern Web Storefront

Why watch this webinar?

Headless commerce unlocks the agility to keep pace with your customers’ changing expectations and ever-evolving shopping behavior – but going headless shouldn’t mean forgetting your head. 

Join Mobify Director of Marketing, Karly Cyr and Solutions Architect, James Semple for this webinar to demystify any confusion around “why” headless and understand “how” leading retailers are making a risk-free shift to headless starting with a modern web storefront.


You’ll walk away from this webinar with actionable steps to understanding:

  • Why you might need a storefront for headless commerce, as exemplified through a successful brand use-case.
  • How to adopt a customer-driven approach to headless that ensures minimal disruption to your teams and maximum output of your integrations.
  • How Coremedia integrates with a web storefront in a headless environment – as exemplified through a hands-on demo.


2020-04-23 Webinar Mobify James Semple Picture

James Semple

Solutions Architect, Mobify

Karly Cyr

 Director of Marketing, Mobify

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