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The Power of Symbols

In the digital age, networks allow information to spread faster than ever. And the ideas that spread fastest are those that can be boiled down to symbols. Because powerful symbols tell stories, and those stories in turn help brands create new meaning – which then generates business value. Do you stand out?

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Content: The Key to Success

If your content can't be found, your brand won't matter. And if you're not telling the right story, you won't connect with your customers. Smart companies know: the key to success is engagement. Better content means more attention, more mindshare, and more business. Content matters. Can you maximize it?

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No Management, No Meaning

Smart content management helps you create memorable experiences for customers. The right platform provides a centralized hub – enabling you to manage the customer journey at every stage, for every channel, and on every device. So how good is your CMS?

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Command the Digital Stage

With the CoreMedia Content Experience Platform, global brands can easily overcome barriers and control every aspect of their content – producing engaging digital experiences that delight, engage, and convert customers. Ready for your close-up?

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Catch Us: Live at dmexco

Stop by our booth to learn more about:
• eCommerce Integrations: Work seamlessly with SAP Hybris, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or your own homegrown solution
• Agile Brand Management: Build your digital presence with CoreMedia's Blueprint and increase brand value across channels, languages, and countries
• Artificial Intelligence (AI): Deploy smart content quickly to serve your customers, or AI-enhanced solutions to support your editorial teams

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Our Co-Stars: World-Class Partners

Strong partnerships make our solution better. This year at dmexco we’re proud to be co-exhibiting with partners Arvato, Babiel, Communicode, and ]init[, each of whom will share our stage for exciting announcements. For example, Arvato will unveil a new mobile interface CoreEDIT, which enables journalists covering events to publish content from our platform remotely and in real-time.

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