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CoreMedia Labs Competition - Thanks for Sharing Your Ideas

We received a lot of suggestions from you for new features, extensions, integrations or tools that you'd like to see in CoreMedia. Thanks for sharing your project challenges with us! The winner will be announced in a mailing soon.

Videos of DevCon 2018

Watch The Videos

Please find below video recordings of selected sessions held at CoreMedia Developer Conference 2018.

PKO Impressions 2017 Video Teaser Picture

Impressions from 2018

Want to re-live the best moments of the CoreMedia Developer Conference 2018? Or did you miss the event completely and need to get caught up? Then watch the 2018 Video!

The Missing Piece - PKO DEVCON 2018 Video Picture

The Missing Piece

The CoreMedia Developer Conference 2018 was a huge success and so was the keynote held by CoreMedia's CEO and Co-Founder Sören Stamer.


The Need for Speed

Teasing and Squeezing Performance out of You Studio Extensions
Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus, CoreMedia Developer Conference 2018


Privacy by Design

Ideas and Tools that will help you to comply with GDPR. A informative and entertaining talk by Andreas Prantl and Andreas Hubold at CoreMedia Developer Conference 2018.


One, Two, Three ... Live!

CoreMedia Blueprints on Docker
Felix Simmerdinger, CoreMedia Developer Conference 2018

Slide Decks

Please find below the slide deck of the in-depth tech talks at CoreMedia Developer Conference 2018.

DevCon OKU 2018 Security

Essential CoreMedia Security (Olaf Kummer) PDF, 5.6 MB


Headless not Brainless (Mark Weikard) PDF, 4.2 MB

TST-CoreMedia Welcome and on Cloud - DevCon

CoreMedia on Cloud (Tobias Stadelmaier) PDF, 16.1 MB

MRI Developer Conference 2018 - Frontend Workspace

Frontend Workspace (Alexander Holtkamp, Michael Riehemann) PDF, 4.9 MB


Need for Speed (Matthias Wester- Ebbinghaus) PDF, 4.6 MB


Extensions as Service (Frank Wienberg) PDF, 5.5 MB


One, two, three... live (Felix Simmendinger) PDF, 14.3 MB


Annotated Linklists (Frauke Pantekoek) PDF, 3.3 MB

Beer Journey - Bierfaktur im Wälderhaus HH

Beer Journey PDF, 16.7 MB

2018-04 Devcon - GDPR Privacy By DesignPicture

Privacy By Design (Andreas Prantl, Andreas Hubold) PDF, 11.9 MB