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DevCon 2019 is over - Join Us Again Next Year!

This year's Developer Conference is over but you can join us again next year to meet CoreMedia experts and other developers to discuss everything about CoreMedia. Below you will find information on last year agenda, presentation slides and a video to get a glimpse of what's to come next year. The next conference will take place in spring 2020.

From Developers for Developers

The Developer Conference aims to support our existing customers and partner developers. Our technical deep dives, discussion rounds and presentations focus on exchanging and sharing ideas and learnings to get the most out of the CoreMedia Content Cloud.

DevCon 2019 Agenda and Videos

CoreMedia Icon Thyme_Tu-on-Re

DevCon 2019: Agenda PDF, 22.3 KB


DevCon 2019: The CoreMedia Vision

CoreMedia CEO Sören Stamer explains the CoreMedia vision and why companies and brands need to be iconic to stand out next to their competition with Omnichannel Experience Orchestration.

DevCon 2019 Impressions Picture

Slides: Why Orchestration is the Key to Success PDF, 2.6 MB


DevCon 2019: CoreMedia Content Cloud Roadmap

CoreMedia's SVP of Product Management Karsten Reuter gives an update on the CoreMedia Content Cloud roadmap.


DevCon 2019: Headless PLUS

Andreas Gawecki and Frauke Pantekoek explain the CoreMedia Headless PLUS concept - why it's a lot more than just a Headless API and how it benefits both developers and marketers at the same time.


DevCon 2019: CoreMedia Hubs

Frank Wienberg shows you how to use CoreMedia Hubs APIs to easily extend your CoreMedia system with custom business logic and 3rd party system integrations.


DevCon 2019: CoreMedia Studio Hot Deployment of Plugins

Eva-Maria Müller and Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus explain the new CoreMedia Studio Dynamic Packages that allow for hot deployment of new features without editorial downtime.


DevCon 2019: Commerce Hub

Moritz Kleine talks about the CoreMedia Commerce Hub - and how to integrate any eCommerce system to this generic API which at the same time allows Marketers and Merchandisers to leverage product data in their content experiences.


DevCon 2019: Cloud Deployment with Docker

Felix Simmendinger explains how to use Docker to deploy the CoreMedia Content Cloud containers to your cloud provider.


DevCon 2019: Frontend Development

Alexander Holtkamp and Michael Riehemann explain the new features of the CoreMedia Frontend Development Workspace, including Themes and Layout Brick and Development Best Practices.


DevCon 2019: Experience Feedback Hub

Sigrid Werner explains the features and functionalities of the new Experience Feedback Hub - integrate Content QA, SEO and Analytics into your content creation workflow.


DevCon 2019: Cloud Deployments with Jenkins

Felix Simmendinger explains how to use the CoreMedia-provided Jenkins Continuous Integration Infrastructure in the Cloud.


DevCon 2019: One more thing - Observed Properties

Eung-Gun "Uni" Bertelmann explains how Observed Properties help you scale integrations to the millions of external referenced objects without incurring performance penalties.

DevCon 2019 Slides

CoreMedia Roadmap PDF, 5.8 MB


CoreMedia Hubs PDF, 1.6 MB

Extend CoreMedia with Custom Business Logic and System Integration

Commerce Hubs PDF, 299.0 KB

The Single API to Rule Integrate all Commerce Systems

Experience Feedback Hubs PDF, 2.2 MB

The Content Livecycle and How to Use it

Frontend Workspace PDF, 1.7 MB

New Features and Best Practices

Hot Deployment of Studio Plugins PDF, 1.2 MB

Dynamic Studio Plugins, Workspace and more

Observed Properties PDF, 829.3 KB

Efficiently track dependencies to external Data at Scale

Docker Containers PDF, 6.2 MB

A Journey of CoreMedia Docker Containers

Headless PLUS PDF, 736.9 KB

Our Content-as-a-Service API

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