Techniker Krankenkasse

Over 14,000 staff are involved in a variety of functions, including: informing members and interested parties about the services the TK offers; handling medical practitioner billing; advising on health insurance matters; and acting as spokespeople for members when dealing with other institutions or the Government. The TK considers itself to be a modern service organization, with two main goals: first, to run a cost-effective business, thus helping members by keeping their contributions low; second, to maintain an attractive portfolio of services, which significantly exceed the legal minimum requirement.

Centralize current standalone systems, manage data in a user-friendly way and let users have rapid access to it

At the TK, the number of standalone systems that match particular scenarios had been steadily rising. Increasingly, this situation was becoming untenable, since content was often duplicated among several systems and in several formats, and was thus difficult to locate. Staff also had to master a variety of applications, leading to a considerable allocation of resources to training and support services. The TK was therefore looking for a solution which could do the following: centralize all of the content from the previous systems; significantly increase usability and performance; let staff access the information that they are looking for within seconds of searching. In addition, they system also needed to be able to personalize content for users, in order to further accelerate the business processes within the TK. Last but not least, the future system was required to show high market penetration, as evidence that the system was future-proof, and that the investment in the system would be a sustainable one.

Manage content efficiently and increase system performance with CoreMedia CMS

The Techniker Krankenkasse decided on CoreMedia CMS – thus choosing the same system as used for their Internet presence. CoreMedia offers centralized data management coupled to an easy-to-use, rapid search. Response times to policyholder inquiries are significantly faster and the time taken to process each case can now be greatly reduced, leading to improved efficiency and more satisfied customers. The powerful CMS system uses the latest technology and a Windows-like look and feel in the editing applications, to ensure that the system can be used intuitively and thus is readily accepted by its users. As expected, the implementation of the system also ran smoothly and according to the project plan. The migration of the 5,000 existing HTML pages into the new system was something easily handled by CoreMedia CMS. The complete data set is now stored with a clear structure and its currency is easily maintained. The TK’s goal – to modify its information architecture to suit the structure of its modern organization – has thus been achieved in full.


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