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T-Online, a product of German Telekom, became one of the largest European internet service providers by providing compelling Internet content in conjunction with convincing access offerings, with more than 3,5 billion page impressions per month in the German-speaking Internet. 70 online editors had to re-create time-consuming Internet pages "manually" with HTML editors.

Efficient processes and a standardized, scalable technical platform are essential in this extraordinarily dynamic business area. After all, offerings on this future market need to be constantly tested and repositioned as necessary. Therefore the goal was to be able to revise structure and design of the offerings faster and to publish new content for all end devices quickly and efficiently. A standardized content management platform, which separates all portal content from layout and which automatically generates content presentation, should simplify and standardize operational processes.

Reduce maintenance resources

For the development and operation of its versatile products and services, T-Online relies on the powerful and flexible content infrastructure of CoreMedia. Numerous portals have to be able to run on a standardized technical platform. The technology replaced the existing heterogeneous system landscape and created a standardized platform. The goal of the project was to reduce the necessary support and maintenance needs in this area of business.

The simultaneous operation of several portals on this platform does not present a problem for CoreMedia’s technology. Large parts of the content production can be automated. The open J2EE architecture of the system allows for the fast linking of additional applications to the central content infrastructure. The multi live server architecture which has been developed in cooperation with T-Online and is highly scalable, handles even the large loads a popular offering such as T-Online.de has to bear.

CoreMedia CMS sits at the core of T-Online’s Multi-Channel Content Management and Delivery Infrastructure.

Flexibility for the business of the future

Through this large-scale project, T-Online increased the required flexibility for the creation and maintenance of Internet content. The re-design of T-Online demonstrates how quickly comprehensive portals can be altered based on CoreMedia Smart Content Technology: in a very short time frame and without taking the websites offline, both the page layout and the content arrangement were fundamentally remodeled. Today, much of the content and service offering can now also be accessed from cell phones and PDA’s.

T-Online makes online content and offerings available instantly and if necessary personalizes them as multi-channel services. Additional potential arises as a result of the marketing of Application Service Provider Internet platforms for clients such as Bunte.de, and T-Online’s owner, Deutsche Telekom.

T-Home, a broadband portal, illustrates the efficiency of CoreMedia CMS very clearly, offering multimedia content such as video-on-demand, TV shows, program guides and PC games. The open architecture of the CoreMedia CMS allows for fast and seamless integration of streaming servers for the delivery of video and audio data and of Microsoft technologies for rights management and billing for the offerings. The CoreMedia system also maintains the portal’s multimedia content.

As a result of the newly won flexibility, T-Online was able to complete the sophisticated and demanding broadband portal in a very short time frame. Again, no pages had to be taken offline to offer new services. On the contrary, without endangering the efficiency or currency of their own offerings in the present, the company can position itself today so that it is ready for tomorrow’s business models.


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