Taming Complexity

> New product catalog communicates brand: Modern, intuitive and structured.
> Product information are centrally stored and easy to find.
> IT not needed anymore to keep data up-to-date.

Episode 1 - A New Product Catalog

When the large vendor KSB decided to take their first steps towards a modern and intuitive online presence, they began the journey with an overhaul of their product catalog. Based on CoreMedia's CMS and implemented by BITGRIP, an agile consulting agency from Berlin, they now have a sleek, global online presence in over 60 countries and 22 languages and gained a competitive advantage of 2 years.

Digital Transition

For many well-established global companies such as the KSB Group, gaining a competitive advantage requires an overhaul of their online presence. KSB decided to start their digital transition by developing a new digital product catalog together with our partner bitgrip. Watch and learn how the project was not only a big success but also drove a change in corporate culture.

Episode 2 - The Era of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation affects every business and every industry. Even global leaders. Watch and learn how KSB Group successfully embraced the change with help from our partner BITGRIP.

Episode 3 - Taming Complexity

Over time it-infrastructure can grow big and become increasingly complex. The legacy product catalog of KSB Group, for instance, leveraged 21 different systems to render a product detail page. CoreMedia Content Cloud was designed ground up to easily integrate with third-party systems. This enabled BITGRIP and KSB to tame complexity and develop a future proof solution.


About KSB

The KSB Group is a leading supplier of pumps, valves and related systems.

Founded in Frankenthal, Germany, in 1871, the company has a presence on all continents with its own sales and marketing organisations, manufacturing facilities and service operations. KSB employs more than 15,000 people. The company also has 170 service centres and over 3,000 service staff to provide inspection, maintenance and repair services worldwide.

Episode 4 - Eye Level Partnership

For KSB, working closely together with BITGRIP as their implementation partner was an enabling factor to ensure the project's success. The collision of two worlds of KSB with more than 16.000 employees and a small, agile IT company was a challenge at first. However, their eye-level partnership positively influenced the corporate culture of KSB on a long-term basis.

Episode 5 - Agile Project Management

Introducing agile projects in a well established corporate culture seems to be challenging in the first place. Our partner BITGRIP successfully guided KSB Group to embrace agile methods and introduce them into their business operations.

Episode 6 - Project Retrospective

The project started with an in-depth analysis of all systems needed to render a product detail page. This was time well spent as the insights and deep understanding of the overall system architecture significantly sped up the project.

Episode 7 - A Huge Success!

The rollout of KSB's new product catalog is considered a big success as it was implemented world wide and in several languages. The close collaboration between the KSB and BITGRIP, described as working as "one team", lead to delight by all parties involved who put their heart into the project. Credit can be given to the underlaying method of agile work on eye-level no matter the size of the company.

CoreMedia Content Cloud
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