Stadtsparkasse München

2,500 bank employees and 300 trainees, together with their partners from the Sparkasse Finance Group, provide customers with a complete financial services offering.

The Challenge: Clear Structure and a Unified Solution

Stadtsparkasse München planned to replace its complex Intranet infrastructure with a focus on ‘simplifying, streamlining and updating’. The goal was to move from a fragmented infrastructure, consisting of numerous platforms and third-party systems, to a single, integrated and comprehensive communication system.

The Solution: A Well Rounded Platform

Stadtsparkasse München evaluated a variety of solutions during several months of the evaluation process. The decision to select CoreMedia CMS lay in CoreMedia’s strong support of open standards. “This would ensure ease of integration to different third-party systems, which was crucial for the development of our Internet website”, Christian Hanss substantiates further. “The CoreMedia CMS won us over with its high degree of flexibility. Other key factors for Stadtsparkasse München included excellent sales support and positive feedback from a number of CoreMedia CMS customers.”

Last but not least, the ability to incorporate current and future web trends such as RSS feeds and social media capabilities were important in choosing the right solution. According to Christian Hanss: “With the help of the CoreMedia CMS, we feel we are well positioned to deliver a high ‘return on engagement’ as the result of tighter digital communication among employees.”


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