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Content for different media types, on different portals, in a heterogeneous system landscape

Initially the primary aim of O2 was to transfer the administration and editing of its two large portals to a single CMS. The key priorities here were multi-client compatibility, reliable performance and linear scalability. The objectives: to find a solution that can integrate smoothly into the existing system landscape; that enables future enhancements to be carried out as quickly as possible; and that supports legacy structures. Importantly, the solution also had to offer multi-channel delivery of content: due to the nature of the product and the demand for personalization, this feature was considered essential.

Maximization of content value and future-proof flexibility with CoreMedia CMS – from the mobile portal to the shop

To meet O2's requirements, Capgemini sd&m, the IT consultancy, presented a concept based on the technology from CoreMedia. The decision to implement CoreMedia CMS as a key component in business processes has proven to be the right one. CoreMedia CMS not only surpassed the client's requirements at that time – it has proven flexible enough to handle the new, unforeseen demands that have arisen from O2's business process innovations, system expansion and third-party technologies. For example, the O2 xda, an end device that merges a mobile telephone with a PDA, presented the need for a personalized user platform. Thanks to the high-performance solution from CoreMedia, O2 xda users benefit from automatic user recognition and location-based services.

Further affirmation of the decision to trust CoreMedia technology came with O2's implementation of a comprehensive online shop, executed by Pentasys, a partner. The product catalogue was seamlessly integrated in the existing CoreMedia CMS. Personalization features and high-speed performance enabled a highly positive user experience. In addition, the CoreMedia solution provided such an outstanding level of scalability, reliability and performance that the need for a large-scale hardware upgrade could be avoided – despite the fact that the capacity of the shop was significantly enhanced. Managing shop content is effortless, thanks to simple text-and-image editing. Intelligent interfaces enable integration of CRM and availability checks into the system. For O2's content business, the key to value-maximizing functionality is delivered by CoreMedia CMS.


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