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Portal relaunch with bundled web presence

The IHK24 project began in 2001 in the form of an online platform. Since then, it has developed into a central network of 41 IHK websites.

The goal of the project was two-fold:

  • create a synergy between the regional IHKs with regard to their Web content and make further development and technical innovations accessible to the network
  • provide the members with as much information as possible on online.

A special focus during its implementation by IHK24 was the creation of an Internet presence that was capable of displaying an individual degree of freedom, while at the same time originating from a Content Management System (CMS). It was intended that the cooperation of the involved IHKs was supported by functions such as the simple exchange of content as well as the jointly shared image database. The project was managed by the IT service provider of the IHK Gesellschaft für Informationsverarbeitung mbH (IHK-GfI), which was responsible for the overall design and implementation.

The requirements placed on the system included:

  • The goal was an integrated solution with Internet, member and Intranet possibilities
  • All functionalities from the old system including the functions that had been additionally programmed over the years had to be included in the new system
  • Features such as the mobile publishing of content needed to be added
  • It was also necessary to optimize the usability of the system, adjusted to the different editorial groups each with varying levels of CMS know-how

A flexible system for intuitive content creation and publishing

CoreMedia CMS was selected, in part, because of its integration of third-party systems and its high degree of flexibility. Moreover the integrated search engine and the professional support of the editor were deciding factors for the selection of CoreMedia CMS. By using the CoreMedia Social Software Extension, the IHK24 network was also given the opportunity of addressing target groups interested in Web 2.0, for example through blogs and evaluation and responding to contributions.

The time schedule for the change over was brief. IHK-GfI coordinated the migration of more than 30 of the chambers of commerce and industry. At the same time the Web presence underwent a redesign process, which included the preparation of content and search engine optimization. Working in concert made the migration process for the content fast and simple.

Satisfied users

The result is the continuation of a mature, successful system, now with 41 individually configurable sub-systems. At the request of IHK, the editorial system was divided into two areas with different editorial interfaces. Depending on the scale of the administration tasks, the Java editor or the in-site editor was installed.

The new preview-based editor makes it possible for specialist users to edit their content directly on the website. With simple functions for creating content, every staff member is able to integrate and manage their own content. The range of functions, specially adapted according to IHK requirements, supports the editorial staff in implementing routine procedures for creating, approving and publishing content. A high-performance version control and the delayed approval of content complete the range of functions.

Updates and new functionality can be installed centrally thanks to the new system, while the member chambers for their part can still individually manage them. Content is centrally created in IHK24 and then displayed individually scaled according to user group. This makes the system into an efficient communication platform for staff, members and interested parties. It ensures that information reaches the right place without any extra effort.


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