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Homebase is a leading home improvement retailer selling more than 50,000 products for the home and garden. It has more than 340 stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland serving around 64 million customers a year. Homebase sells products across a broad range of categories and offers installation services alongside more traditional DIY items, and also has a growing internet offering at www.homebase.co.uk

In the 2012 financial year, Homebase sales were £1.5 billion and it employed some 19,000 people across the business.

The Homebase brand is recognized for its high levels of choice, style and customer service.

Homebase is part of Home Retail Group, the UK's leading home and general merchandise retailer.

Homebase uses CoreMedia LiveContext to enrich its IBM WebSphere Commerce online store shopping experience. CoreMedia LiveContext’s incremental, low-risk approach is ideally suited to meet these requirements.

Facts and Figures

Business challenges solved with CoreMedia

  • Expanded their mobile and multi-channel capabilities
  • Enabled the digital transformation of their business
  • Developed new revenue streams
  • Integrated e-Commerce and content marketing
  • Delivered more relevant, targeting content to visitors Increased conversion

Challenges before purchasing CoreMedia

  • Low page views and traffic
  • Difficulty innovating
  • High operating and training costs
  • Slow time-to-market

CoreMedia capabilities currently in use

  • Multi-site/brand publishing
  • Mobile web publishing
  • Mobile app connector
  • Digital asset management
  • Content tagging / taxonomy
  • E-commerce integration

Digital channels currently supported with CoreMedia

  • Public facing websites
  • Mobile web
  • Mobile apps

Homebase has rated CoreMedia’s capabilities in terms of how differentiated they are compared to the competition

  • Multi-language/site publishing: very differentiated
  • Social engagement and moderation of user generated content: very highly differentiated
  • Personalization and contextual publishing: very highly differentiated
  • Mobile and multi-channel publishing: very highly differentiated
  • Reliability and performance: very highly differentiated
  • Homebase saw payback on their CoreMedia investment in 12 – 18 months.


Homebase reduced time to web and increased productivity for new content with CoreMedia by

  • Reduced time to web: > 75%
  • Increased productivity for new content: > 75%


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