With over 6,000 employees, the bank is the largest German savings bank. The bank focuses on skilled consultancy work with individuals and business customers. To achieve this goal, the bank maintains 177 branch offices, 20 field consultants, 39 centers for premium banking services and 7 for business customers, as well as numerous bank services that are available both online and by appointment. High-quality consulting and service are the values that Haspa emphasizes when considering how strengthen of its already impressive market position.

Improve consultancy and service levels while cutting costs

In 1997, there were only 3.5 million bank accounts that could be managed online. That figure is now about 30 million. What’s more, banks today are finding that about half their customer base exclusively uses media channels for their communication with the bank. Haspa has risen to meet this new challenge with its multi-channel sales strategy: Haspa customers must receive the same high quality of consultancy and service that they are used to not only from their branch offices, but also from the field consultants, the call centers, Haspa’s online banking presence and various mobile devices. Hamburger Sparkasse thus requires the same data to be present at the same time both in its online presence and on its staff intranet. The previous system was no longer able to manage this task at a realistic cost level. The search was therefore on for a company-wide enterprise content management system, which could consolidate both new and existing data into a central information platform, with a minimum amount of effort. In addition, this platform had to be able to output this data into as many media channels as desired, in a reliable, timely and consistent fashion. Other key requirements included rock-solid content validation methodologies – for published interest rates and conditions – plus complete history and versioning functions and personalization options.

Eight years of “one platform for all channels”

Haspa had already chosen to use the CoreMedia CMS Enterprise Content Management System as early as 2001. The first sites to be migrated to the system were the general haspa.de website, plus the specialist subsites privatebanking.haspa.de, joker.haspa.de (for students) and intro.haspa.de (for young people). These were followed by the HaspaDirekt and Haspa Finanzholding sites. The Haspa team was greatly impressed by the performance of CoreMedia CMS and its support for easy customization, as well as by the dramatically reduced eff ort needed for setup and maintenance. As a result, CoreMedia CMS was also chosen by the Haspa team as the new foundation for their intranet, which provides the master data for all of their sales channels. The scalability and technical flexibility of CoreMedia CMS also made the goal of outsourcing much of Haspa’s IT responsibility to the IT service provider Portavis one that could be achieved rapidly and at minimum cost. Today, CoreMedia CMS represents a crucial link to the customer within Haspa's multi-channel sales strategy. A staff of five editors ensures that content is kept up-to-date. CoreMedia CMS has not only fulfilled all the demands made of it, but has furthermore proved that strategic enterprise content management is a critical component in the provision of high quality consultancy and services for a modern financial services provider.


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