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Operated by the Axel Springer media group, the government of Hamburg and a number of local financial institutions, the hamburg.de business model is based on income from advertising and partner commissions. It attracts over two million visitors and delivers more than 17 million page impressions monthly, making it the leading city portal in northern Germany.

Citizen participation via the internet

The citizen’s online portal and the citywide intranet for around 30,000 city employees had been operating on the basis of CoreMedia since 2002. Parallel to this, however, all of the portal’s commercial and editorial information has been managed using a purpose-designed second system. After five years, the limits of this hybrid system became apparent. The time had come for a relaunch. Hamburg.de selected CoreMedia. This decision was based on the usability of the CoreMedia Editor and the system’s Web 2.0 features, together with the organization’s positive experiences with CoreMedia as a business partner.

Social networks with social software

Following the relaunch, all content of the portal is now managed by CoreMedia. The new structure consistently follows user interests. Newcomers to Hamburg are able to quickly find useful information for each part of the city, including citizen registration forms, accommodation marketplaces, doctor’s practices and even jogging paths. Along with flexible advertising spaces, the portal integrates a wide range of external online services, including newsfeeds, hotel bookings, accommodation finders, a Web TV channel and a ticket service. Local information can be searched for within a geographically limited area, with the results displayed in Google Maps.

Europe's first city portal with user participation

Thanks to CoreMedia Social Software, every visitor can rate content, comment, save and bookmark items or become a registered member of the Hamburg City Community. Registered users can present their own profile, network with neighbors, send messages or upload their own text, videos and images. The favorites list serves as an online repository for local tips and recommendations by community members. All the tips from members within one’s own neighborhood are automatically saved in the “My Neighborhood” list, creating a digital neighbor community.

And this is only the beginning. Step by step, the hamburg.de portal is being enhanced with new features such as mobile services. As the web grows, so does hamburg.de – fast, stable and cost-effective, thanks to CoreMedia.


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