Serving many millions of page impressions per day, validated user data and creative forms of advertising have turned GMX into one of the leading providers of target group-oriented web-based marketing. GMX is a subsidiary of the Karlsruhe-based 1&1 Internet AG, which is one of Europe's leading internet service providers.

More users, more content, more complexity

Since it was first launched, the content and technology of the GMX portal has grown in complexity. The update cycles of editorial and advertising content became shorter; the scope of the portal increased. The existing system required text, photographs, banners and layout data to be collated onto a static HTML page, and this had reached the limits of its effectiveness. A staff of 24 editors had to create a new HTML page at each update. This resulted in a weakening of the corporate screen design, while also leading to an exponential increase in time and costs of the update process. The requirements specified by GMX involved the integrated operation of the portal with the aim of further increasing the attractiveness of the content and shopping services on offer. A complete overhaul was called for: without any interruption to operational services, the existing system needed to be replaced by new, more flexible solution that offered unlimited potential for future expansion.

Faster updates, always available

GMX chose CoreMedia CMS. The decisive factor is this step was the fact that CoreMedia CMS supports standard technologies and open interfaces, and at the same time follows an integrated solution strategy. Today, although the GMX portal looks no different than before, what goes on inside is radically different. It now offers full scalability at all times and gives GMX comprehensive flexibility for future expansion and changes. The implementation of CoreMedia CMS has lead to substantial improvements in timeliness, scope, quality and performance. The service level has been improved and the increased system stability ensures that the portal offers excellent non-stop accessibility.

GMX is now equipped for multiple content use. The 24 editors can now see the success of their work much faster than before. In the past, new content would become visible on the portal only after 30 minutes. Now, it's online within a few seconds.

CoreMedia CMS has delivered qualitative and quantitative for GMX. When the GMX project team looks back to the decision phase, they would chose CoreMedia CMS again, every time.


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