"Working with ]init[ and CoreMedia, the Eurex Digital Team created a comprehensive and easy-to-use offer for customers, regulators and interested market participants. The current Eurex websites are based on the latest Internet technology, and they offer an optimal customer experience with easily accessible product news, information about general regulatory conditions and wide-ranging market updates.”

Andreas Brandt | Head of Marketing Strategy, Research & Digital Channels | Eurex Group

Custom-made information for various target groups

A key goal of the Eurex Digital Strategy involved the adaption of B2C digital trends and solutions into specific Internet applications and tools for their customers. At the same time, the company wanted a modern and contemporary online presence that would provide a consistent brand experience.

Because Eurex’s online presence extended across five different portals, the plan also called for integrating the content and making it available in real time. In addition to the timeliness of content and a reliable and secure infrastructure, emphasis was also placed on service orientation and strategic marketing considerations.

An initial internal needs assessment found that the Eurex Group could not achieve its vision using its existing systems. The infrastructure had high administrative and maintenance costs while its manual editorial processes limited their ability to keep the group’s six websites up-to-date. Aggravating the situation further was the fact that different systems were being used.

Comprehensive Web content management with CoreMedia

After an extensive and international call for bids, the Eurex project team decided to go with the e-business specialist called ]init[ as its implementation partner — and ]init[ recommended CoreMedia as the foundation for the new infrastructure. The high-performance Web content management (WCM) system would support different sites and divisions and provide higher efficiency, maintainability and security.

Over the course of the relaunch, the five websites associated with the Eurex Group were completely redesigned both technically and functionally.

Today, CoreMedia CMS is the heart of the new online environment and enabling the integration of near real-time information for more than 1,600 products. CoreMedia also offers another advantage that is particularly relevant for Asian markets: The flexible presentation of content tailored to multiple devices with minimal expense and effort. Additional capabilities to create newsletters, generate PDFs, incorporate video or link to social media sites are also included in the new solution.

A step toward a new era in communication

Thanks to the powerful capabilities of CoreMedia CMS, the main website now offers heightened usability in elements of navigation and search with investors gaining an up-to-date picture of Eurex innovation in the areas of trading and clearing, general regulatory conditions, new technologies, and the most recent new products. Highly relevant, contextualized content transforms the online offering into a personalized informational portal and delivers a first-class customer experience.

Now, thanks to responsive design functionality, all content can also be displayed optimally on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. With CoreMedia playing a central role, consistent design specifications are rolled out to each and every website, thereby ensuring a unified brand image.

The project also exceeded expectations from an economic standpoint. With CoreMedia, operating costs were reduced considerably more than the original expectation set forth in the Eurex Digital Strategy. As a result, the Eurex Group project can serve as a model for the entire financial sector.


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