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Deutsche Telekom

Over 200,000 members of staff employed in over 50 countries work to support the entire spectrum of telecommunications: mobile telephony for around 70 million customers worldwide, Internet for 13.5 million customers, fixed-line services for over 60 million customers, plus complex IT and telecoms solutions for corporate customers.

Change and growth

On the global T.I.M.E.S markets, the fields of telecoms, IT, media, entertainment and security all develop together at high speed. Only through constant innovation can Deutsche Telekom compete successfully to maintain its place within this globally-convergent industry. Key factors in the past have been flexible, highly-scalable and powerful IT solutions that span the separate worlds of phone, data and TV networks, supporting seamless, company-wide infrastructure systems.

A system's glorious career

The CoreMedia CMS Enterprise Content Management System is deployed not only for the Group's website, but also across all of Deutsche Telekom’s divisions.

For the T-Online Internet portal, upgrading to CoreMedia's highly-scalable and robust CMS was the natural response to a rapid increase in customer numbers. It also provided features such as the ability to make instant, flexible adjustments to suit new developments in markets and business models, while supplying personalized services for each one of the company's 13.5 million registered users. A team of 70 editors works with the user-friendly editing interface to ensure that the site with over 3.5 billion page impressions per month is always up-to-date – on multiple portals simultaneously and on any consumer device. Also integrated as a client system is the ancillary videoload.de service, which provides over 3,500 films for broadband download and iTV. CoreMedia CMS has also accelerated and simplified editing processes on the PRODI customer service representative intranet and other internal portals at Deutsche Telekom. A team of 10 editors uses the CMS to work on 14,000 pages – one of the largest intranets in the world. Deutsche Telekom considers itself perfectly positioned for the future, since CoreMedia has proven its real-world strengths impressively in all of the Group's divisions: centralized management of all digital services, brand management and consistent content, market-leading accessibility, stability under high loads, cost-efficient and rapid implementation and expansion, simple usability and outstanding versatility. The future is looking bright.


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