Continental is one of the world’s leading component suppliers for the automobile industry, specializing in tire and brake technology, dynamic stability systems, automotive electronics, and sensors. The company employs 148,0000 employees across 200 different locations, including production plants, research centers, and test tracks.

Efficient management of global websites

Prior to the introduction of CoreMedia CMS, data maintenance had become a highly time-intensive task for the employees responsible for the Continental websites. Content could only be edited by a limited number of employees, and it was extremely difficult to use content on different sites or independently of its layout.

Outsourcing content maintenance or structural changes of the websites lead to excessive delays and high external costs. Added to that, the creation and maintenance of websites for Continental’s range of brands demanded a great deal of time and resources, and it was practically impossible to ensure that corporate design guidelines were consistently followed on all national websites.

The new system needed to meet a range of demands:

  • Introduce new content models that were not purely page-based, but instead object oriented
  • Integrate and expand third-party systems
  • Produce different formats from one central database simultaneously
  • Establish more efficient workflows for employees
  • Support the localization of central content for all international markets.

Harmonized appearance and simplified site maintenance with CoreMedia

To ensure a consistent online presence, Continental chose CoreMedia CMS upon which to base its websites. Following the successful completion of the internet project for the German market, the world-wide rollout of the Continental online portal began, along with a number of brand micro-sites, with the support of CoreMedia partner, w//Center Consulting. After that, the intranet, extranet and media asset management tools were all migrated to CoreMedia CMS.

To date, 220 individual websites from various divisions and business units are maintained using CoreMedia CMS. Cost-cutting synergies are being realized through CoreMedia CMS, thanks to layout templates that are based on the same structure as the websites themselves. Continental employees from various departments are able to contribute to website maintenance regardless of location, working with content objects directly in the layout preview. No extensive training is needed. Localization of central content for each different market site is efficiently supported by the translation workflow of the CoreMedia CMS and SDL Trados integration. In addition, the CoreMedia system ensures that content from existing product data systems can be automatically integrated, and that diverse Web applications can be used effortlessly. Connection to the ERP system is also assured.

The Continental extranet and intranet enable users to personalize page content according to their individual requirements. Using CoreMedia CMS since 2001, Continental has achieved its goal of offering speedy, needs-relevant access to information for all its divisions and its diverse target groups, through a uniform internet presence. Since then ― and after the 2007 re-launch ― the website has continued to evolve, becoming a multi-layered, multi-media and truly global enterprise portal.


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