Lean media production aimed to implement a new content infrastructure to simplify the production and management of content and to cope with increasing numbers of users. required a comprehensive solution which could optimize all content processes effectively by simplifying editor tools and integrating external systems. In addition also needed the new infrastructure to be operational within six months.

Superior performance on all channels has implemented their new content infrastructure using CoreMedia. With the help of a user-friendly Editor, editing staff at the Berlin and Hamburg sites are able to create, manage and bundle content. The complicated and costly preparation of content for display as HTML pages using production staff is no longer applicable. Thus breaking news and information can be published much faster.

Flexible integration of external systems

CoreMedia’s open architecture offers the flexibility required for third-party system integration and future expansion projects. By integrating the customer database and a personalization module, users are addressed at a personal level.

Images and videos are imported automatically. CoreMedia is even used for management of usage rights, and for invoicing of multimedia content based on cost centers. Finally, linear scalability of CoreMedia was also a feature that impressed Even if traffic increases dramatically, CoreMedia is able to reliably handle millions of user requests in a secure manner.


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