The newly designed websites now provide bank customers with news, detailed product information, and the latest developments from the stock exchange as well as helpful services such as a budget planner and a loan calculator. The respective portal pages differ in colour and logo. The navigation and structure of both portals are identical and correspond to the unified organization structure of both brands.The new, target group-oriented navigation makes it simple for even inexperienced internet users to use the sites. The new navigation replaced the previous structure based on financial products. The use of personalized content is steadily increasing. Users can now enter information about their lifestyle on the site. Once the user has chosen the most suitable category applying to them, the site displays a list of all relevant services, along with their related links.

One system fits all

The costs for maintaining the dynamic content have also become more manageable. CoreMedia CMS is based on open standards such as J2EE, XML and LDAP and can be integrated at low cost with existing infrastructures. The robust system replaces the previously implemented different portals and content management technologies and results in further cost reductions. The dispersed architecture of the CoreMedia platform also provides increased access protection and system stability. The separation of the production system and live system guarantees high-level scalability. "We believe that the new homepage design has created a modern and customer-oriented platform. Our internet site is not only our online business card, it provides a sophisticated service to our customers as well as being a powerful marketing tool." says Robert Krickl, eBusiness Area Manager at BAWAG P.S.K./ Group.


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