In 2005, Barmer handed out 14.8 billion to cover the medical costs of its policy holders. As well as providing medical cover, Barmer also offers a comprehensive range of services, which significantly exceed the legal minimum requirement: Prophylactic and bonus programs, preventative medicine, additional insurance plans at special rates, and much much more.

Round the clock customer care – with reduction in costs: flexible, innovative and easy-to-use

Barmer intends to make its mark not only on the fiercely competitive health insurer market but also on the rising costs of the health system itself. The service must become more customer-oriented, more modern, while keeping costs low. Barmer recognizes the Internet’s potential and is looking for a content management system that optimally integrates its internal processes and third-party systems into the company web presence. In so doing, their customers can be provided with personalized services such as prefilled web forms or reminders about preventative medicine that are sent via email. At the same time, however, it must be easy-to-use and must automate certain processes such as document lifecycles. Content must be usable in different areas and capable of being re-formatted, without having to be re-edited on every occasion. In short: A sustainable, future-proof solution is required.

Personalized services, automated editing processes and true investment security with CoreMedia CMS

Barmer Ersatzkasse has made its decision: CoreMedia CMS. CoreMedia CMS offers the desired separation from content and layout and is the product of many years of experience with large, high-traffic portals that include personalized services. Thanks to open interfaces, it offers limitless integration for Barmer’s third-party systems. Editorial work is kept simple and logical thanks to workflows that can be organized exactly as desired, combined with a mature version control system. For this system, sustainability isn’t just a slogan: in a relaunch that took place some year after the initial implementation with CoreMedia CMS, many things changed in the site’s appearance and concept, but CoreMedia CMS remained. Content can be brought over into the new site layout without having to be re-edited – nor does it require a complex import process.

On top of this, another key feature is available for the site, thanks to the architecture of CoreMedia CMS: The site fulfils 95% of the guidelines of the Barrierefrei Informieren und Kommunizieren (BIK) (“Accessible information and communication”) initiative. This is a truly fantastic achievement and sets new standards for a public company – and for a healthcare provider in particular. Nor is this the only award. With CoreMedia CMS, our implementation partner T-Systems Multimedia Solutions has convincingly showed that CMS and creative innovation are not a contradiction in terms: In 2006, the Barmer portal received the distinguished iF communication design award.


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