Offering downloads, live and on-demand streaming, the broadcasters are meeting the needs of a new audience that is increasingly using the Internet as a source of information. From "Tagesschau" to "Tatort," viewers can find the content they want quickly, and are able to enjoy their favorite programs independently of the time of day and their location.

Decentralized content management for a central online library

In its web offering, ARD combines video content with podcasts and live streams, and is now for the first time consolidating its existing decentralized content onto a single, user-friendly platform. This opens up new horizons both for the ARD and its viewers. The broad-based offering of video, audio and podcast files, coupled with the opportunity to watch TV independently of time and place, is designed to meet the needs of new target groups. Younger viewers in particular are increasingly using the Internet as a source of information.

Eventually, it is planned that almost all multimedia web content provided by the state public broadcasters and "Das Erste" will be easily and intuitively accessible via the ARD "Mediathek." The core offering of the "Das Erste Mediathek" as a client system of the ARD "Mediathek" will be over 60 programs, provided as on-demand video and accompanied by interactive features. Viewers will be able to find their desired program quickly and intuitively, and experience it in high-quality video.

Comprehensive metadata, intelligent search system

Our partner T-Systems Multimedia Solutions was responsible for the implementation using the CoreMedia system, as well as the technical implementation and integration of individual components onto the platform. This involved mastering a difficult challenge: the "Mediathek" accesses metadata from video and audio content provided by the state public broadcasters, before making it available on a user-friendly web platform. Since the content comes from many different places, the software needs to be able to read a large number of metadata formats. To achieve this, an ingenious in-house search system was developed as a "crawler," able to identify podcasts located on the broadcasters' platforms and feed-in their metadata automatically to the two ARD and "Das Erste" media libraries. The range of multimedia files supported is being expanded continuously. And editing teams benefit from an almost fully-automated update process that reduces content management effort.

Benefits: The working group of the German federal public state TV broadcasters can now for the first time consolidate their multimedia content automatically onto an online platform. This process enables ARD to offer its viewers an outstanding overview of the comprehensive video and audio material provided by ARD broadcasters. This not only ensures that new audiences can be targeted in the future, but that they can be served more personally and individually than ever before.


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