Multiexperience Omnichannel

CoreMedia Content Cloud was built for global, omnichannel experiences from the ground up.

You create your content once and can easily re-use it across all your channels. Preview all channel varations right on your desktop in CoreMedia Studio. Make variations as necessary for specific channels and translate or localize content as needed. Our smart content allows you to separate copy text from images which makes it easy to translate and localize your sites and campaigns for many regions and languages. And we help you to keep track of all translations so you always stay on top and in control.

Making global Omnichannel Experiences easy and effortless.

I need to create images for all my touchpoints (desktop, mobile, billboards, in-store kiosks) which is a ton of variations.

— Marketer, Omnichannel Retailer

Automatic Omnichannel Image Variants

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you re-use the same original high-resolution image and automatically creates variants in all aspect ratios and sizes for all your outputs.

I need to create banners with editable text overlays for all my international campaigns.

— Marketer, Fortune 500 B2B company

Text Overlays separate from Image

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you create text overlays that are separate from the image, automatically positions them for the different channels and lets you send them to translation without involving your design agency or using Photoshop.

I need to do shoppable campaigns with banners for all my products but my eCommerce system makes this really hard.

— Merchandiser, Leading DIY Retailer

Make your Assets Shoppable

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you add products via drag & drop from your eCommerce product catalog. Make your banners and images shoppable to increase conversion. And our smart content hides products that are out of stock automatically.

My boss has seen shoppable video at a competitor and now he wants one too. My agency has quoted an enormous budget. Help!

— Marketer, Leading DIY Retailer

Shoppable Videos by drag & drop

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you add products to your video by drag & drop onto a timeline. And they appear with up-to-date pricing as a video overlay. No agency needed.

I need to make my campaigns available to my offline stores too – to all the digital signage, billboards and in-store point-of-sale displays.

— Marketer, Leading Fashion Brand

Easily Re-Use Content Across All Channels

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you easily re-use your content across all your channels – and you can even simulate your store layouts and drag and drop campaigns to your POS displays in a Virtual Reality Store Preview.

I need to run my campaigns across multiple regions, countries and languages - and channels. Involving my agencies and designers for every text change in banners and graphics in all variations is a huge coordination pain and costly.

— Marketer, Global Manufacturer

Translatable Campaigns & Banners

CoreMedia Content Cloud has powerful translation workflow tools that integrate with leading Translation services. And by offering smart features like Text-on-Image Overlays, you don’t need to involve your agency and designers for every language variation, but can use your translation services directly like for regular text.

I have an existing eCommerce shop, but the mobile site is ugly, loads slowly and I lose a lot of traffic and conversion.

— eCommerce Manager, Leading Fashion Brand

Smooth, Optimized Mobile Shopping Experiences

CoreMedia Content Cloud partners with Mobify, a specialized provider of Progressive Web Apps that enable your mobile Storefront with a smooth, app-like experience. No native app needed!

Manage the content easily in Content Cloud and let Mobify handle the heavy frontend lifting – all easily integrated with your existing shop system.

Watch the Demo Video

Watch our 8 Minute Demo Video to see for yourself how easy it is to create, manage and preview true Omnichannel Experiences from a single tool for all your devices, channels, regions and languages.


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