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CoreMedia Hubs open architecture allows you to connect with over 150 third-party best-of-breed solutions via pre-built connectors from CoreMedia and its partners. Take control with CoreMedia Studio - a single, intuitive User Interface that lets you access data and and content from multiple repositories and easily combine them to create great user experiences.

Connect everywhere to build great experiences

I need a tool that makes it easy to enhance my product catalog with high quality images, videos, rich media assets and product information content like datasheets.

— Merchandiser, B2B Manufacturer, Fortune 500

Seamless eCommerce Integration

CoreMedia Commerce Hub offers pre-built connectors to all leading eCommerce solutions. (see below)

Browse your commerce catalog without switching tools and enrich product information with branded content and media assets via a simple drag & drop interface. Access all information in real-time - no data duplication required.

Plus, our smart importers can detect metadata in your assets to automatically link them to your product catalog, saving you time and effort.

I need to ensure brand consistency across my websites, landing pages, eCommerce shop, campaigns and email communications. But it is really hard to stay in sync when I'm jumping between so many different marketing tools.

— Marketer, Leading Fashion Brand

Centralized Asset Management across all Marketing tools

CoreMedia Content Hub, Commerce Hub and Marketing Automation Hub let you centrally manage all your branded content and media assets across multiple content repositories, Marketing and eCommerce systems - regardless where they are located.

Design your experiences in CoreMedia Studio and connect seamlessly to leading eCommerce systems and Marketing Cloud Platforms.

Re-use brand content, text, images, videos and other media assets - for your landing pages, marketing email campaigns, mobile push messages, AR and VR experiences.

I need a tool that makes it easy for me to develop integrations with my company's legacy systems.

— Developer, B2B Retailer

Developer-friendly Connector APIs

CoreMedia Content Cloud's Hub APIs let developers easily build integrations with various 3rd party systems - and empower business users to access them via our single, intuitive UI.

Our customers have built eCommerce integration connectors to their in-house, proprietary, legacy systems in as little as 2 weeks - enabling Marketers and Merchandisers to create rich visual experiences with a simple drag & drop interface.

Watch our CoreMedia Hubs Developer Conference Talk on YouTube (external link) or view the slide deck (PDF).


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