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Monetate Integration

The integration of Monetate - a global leader in personalization software for customer facing brands who has rich AI and Machine learning capabilities - is the latest addition to CoreMedia's personalisation engine. Testing and segmentation, which are two major aspects for optimising content, have thus became much simpler and more intuitive.

If you are interested in testing the integration please drop us an email at product-info@coremedia.com. But before you do so, I want to give you a brief introduction of the two major solutions of the Monetate platform that were integrated in the Studio: Segments and Experiences. 


Let’s assume, you run an online store for kitchen supplies and you have mainly two categories of customers: professional cooks and home cooks. The former are probably interested in products for the professional kitchen and the latter are more likely to buy something for daily use at home. It therefor is not sufficient to offer the same content to each of them. You will only reach a fraction of them, which considerably can reduce the success of the shop.

This is where segments come in. They help you to offer the right content to the right customers. The CoreMedia personalisation engine enables editors to use segments that were defines in Monetate to tailor the shopping experiences to their customers needs. 

In the studio, the editor would be presented with the following view. The professional cook and the home cook are offered products that match their interests, which makes it more likely that they will buy them in my store. Not to forget the customers who do not correspond to any of the specified categories - for example those who visit a site for the first time. For these customers there is the Baseline. Here you can place content that appeals to the widest possible audience.


Before the personalized content goes live and is made available to your customers, it is of course important to see what the site would look like from the perspective of the individual segments. This can be done using the new preview function of the CoreMedia personalization engine. Just switch between the various segments and get an impression of the different variants. 


Now the content can finally be published. Monetate decides in the background which content is presented to which visitor. The editor does not have to worry about this. He only creates the shopping experience for his customers.


There are many different use cases for Monetate experiences, but testing and optimisation is probably the most common one. The principle is very simple: you create at least two variants of a content item, which differ in various criteria. A randomly selected audience is now offered one of each variant to determine which of them resonates best. This variant can be declared the winner and then be used permanently on the website. Thus the content of your page can constantly be adapted to the needs of the website visitors.

Analogous to the Segments, the Experiences are created in Monetate and can then be integrated in the Studio by the Editor. The editor does not care about how the decisions are made, he only determines what content is displayed for each variant of an Experience. In the preview, he can then see how the page will look when a particular variant is selected.


Once published, the test is active.Monetate not only selects the variants in the background that the respective visitor to the page sees, it also tracks their behavior over a certain period of time. In the experience document in Studio there is a link that navigates to the tracking results that are available in Monetate. They can be used to determine the variant that resonates best.


We'd love to get a dialogue going. Contact our experts and we'll schedule a demo.


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