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Content Application Engineering

In this course you will implement a new content application engine (cae)-extension. This extension will contain a new content type, content bean and a handler to process incoming requests to an individual URI. You will also make usage of predefined handlers and methods from the CoreMedia development workspace. 

you will learn...

  • The anatomy of the CAE
  • The Maven Workspace & Development Environment
  • The most important types of the Blueprint Content Model
  • The extension concept of the CoreMedia workspace
  • The creation of Content Beans
  • How to create new link handlers
  • How to create new request handlers
  • How to create new page handlers
  • How to create new programmed views

1 day face-to-face

2 days  live online 

840 USD/ person, 3,360 USD group rate (4-8 persons)y

Training prerequisites: Fundamentals, Front End Development

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