Radix and CoreMedia Enter Into Partnership

In the course of the partnership, Radix and CoreMedia plan to link their respective e-commerce solutions: RVG Commerce and CoreMedia LiveContext. Thanks to the new partnership, both Swiss and German online retailers will be able to deliver online experiences that are irresistibly appealing and highly personalized.

"With this partnership, we’ll be able to offer our retail customers even more specific features, tailored to their individual needs and their market," said Mark Nerlich, Radix Technologies Director Global Partners & Alliances. "We are confident that by linking to CoreMedia LiveContext, we will be able to provide even more shop operators with an even stronger online presence."

"World-renown Swiss brands and retailers have recognized the enormous importance of offering a high-quality digital experiences in online shopping. The sales figures speak for themselves: Appealing, relevant and high-quality content stands out from the crowd," added Sören Stamer, CEO of CoreMedia. "In Radix, we’ve found a strong partner in the Swiss market, and we’re ideally positioned to further expand our activities in Switzerland."

About Radix

Established in 2006, with headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, Radix Technologies is a company dedicated to providing a professional and reliable Cloud and Digital Services to its clients. Specializing in enabling Digital Services for businesses, Radix has built a team of highly specialized professionals experienced in development, deployment, integration, support and management of Digital services around the globe. For more information visit: www.radix-technologies.com.