CoreMedia LiveContext Integrates SAP Hybris® Creating Unmatched Digital Shopping Experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 8, 2016) — CoreMedia announced the integration of CoreMedia LiveContext with SAP Hybris. Building on the success of our previous integrations with SAP WCEM and ISA, this new solution integrates SAP Hybris, the top-rated omni-channel commerce solution, with the advanced content management and digital asset management (DAM) capabilities of CoreMedia. 

SAP Hybris users now have the tools to create compelling digital shopping experiences faster and more efficiently, and to deliver them precisely to each target group.

For more than two years, CoreMedia LiveContext has enabled marketers and e-Commerce professions to augment their online stores with dynamic, intuitive and personalized content delivery across all channels and devices. Information from SAP hybris is integrated in real time, and seamlessly enriched with content and rich media assets from CoreMedia. Through the combined solutions, e-commerce teams can personalize content effortlessly – regardless of whether it is on the actual homepage, the individual category subpages, or on integrated content pages such as blogs or theme pages.

"If you want to create profitable omni-channel shopping experiences, you need to be able to seamlessly bring together attractive content and current transactions, all within each client’s individual context. So for us, the tailored integration of SAP Hybris and our CoreMedia LiveContext solution was the logical next step,” says Sören Stamer, CEO and founder of CoreMedia. "The financial benefits for SAP Hybris customers are enormous. Thanks to our more efficient, highly automated processes, we can deliver a significant reduction in production costs. At the same time, we’re enabling a faster time-to-Web. In addition, our new system boosts revenue so you can increase the quality of the shopping experience, the average revenue per user, repeat-customers, and significantly enhance the organic web traffic from search engines. It’s no coincidence that more and more e-commerce enterprises – including Office Depot, U-Haul and Graybar — chose CoreMedia LiveContext.”

This new integration offers all operators of SAP Hybris-based web shops a fast track to delivering personalized shopping experiences. And with CoreMedia Studio, online teams can easily create a customized shop design, and then combine product information and marketing content from many different sources to generate compelling results for each of their customer segments. The built-in digital asset management feature makes it easy for shop owners to manage and integrate digital content such as graphics or videos. High-performance multi-site and multi-language features, plus the integration of modern translation workflows, save time and money, improve international competitiveness and ensure that brand communication is consistent.

To learn more contact CoreMedia to schedule a private demonstration of the new SAP Hybris integration here or contact us via email at