Jim Stirewalt, Global Chief Revenue Officer

Executive Profile

Jim Stirewalt is a market maker with over 25 years’ experience in building and executing go-to-market strategies for SMB to global enterprise. His career has largely focused on developing tightly aligned teams and motivated organizations, explicitly focused on driving customer success. 

Before joining CoreMedia, Jim was Vice President of Worldwide Sales for IBM Watson Customer Engagement and previously served as SAP’s Vice President, North America Fashion and Retail Industry. Before leading software and technology businesses, Jim had a successful entrepreneurial career in advertising, branding and graphic design, which included starting and selling an award-winning advertising agency.

Jim’s entrepreneurial roots in branding and design, along with his career leading technology firms, give him a different outlook than most. His “fail fast forward” approach relies on experimentation of new ideas, constantly moving forward to find meaningful ways to drive business outcomes for clients.

Jim and his family of four enjoy living in Knoxville, Tennessee.