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On this page you'll fine a variety of media assets to download as well as our corporate style guide. Additional assets (such as our iconic font MediaCore) are available on request.

CoreMedia Logo & Icon

Below is our company logo as a scalable vector graphic in our corporate colors.

CoreMedia Wordmark and Logo Tangy Turquoise PNG Picture

CoreMedia Logo Word & Figurative Mark Download ZIP, 99.8 MB

CoreMedia Logo Word Mark Radical Red PNG Picture

CoreMedia Word Mark Download ZIP, 97.8 MB

CoreMedia Logo Paranoid Purple PNG Picture

CoreMedia Figurative Mark Download ZIP, 173.9 MB

CoreMedia Style Guide

Download our brand usage guidelines to find out how to use our logo and icon.

Styleguide Title Picture

CoreMedia Trademark Usage PDF, 2.4 MB

Styleguide Title Picture

CoreMedia Design Guideline PDF, 6.3 MB

CoreMedia Company Description

Our Story - A few words on who we are and what we do.


Company Description

Based in Hamburg, Germany with offices worldwide, CoreMedia is the strategic content management and experience orchestration engine behind today’s most iconic online brands. A company of visionaries, trusted advisors, and passionate experts, CoreMedia takes brands to the next level of digital experiences. We’re about dialogue, so let’s talk. For more information or to set up a demo, visit www.coremedia.com or follow us on Twitter @contentcloud.



CoreMedia ist Anbieter einer globalen Content-Plattform zur Orchestrierung und Bereitstellung konsistenter, personalisierter Erlebnisse für jeden digitalen Touchpoint. Das Unternehmen hat Niederlassungen in Hamburg, London, Arlington und San Francisco und setzt seit über 20 Jahren Maßstäbe in den Bereichen Content Management, Digital Asset Management und eCommerce Integrationen.

Partner Badges

Wear them with pride - and show off your partner status by downloading the appropriate banners below.

Registered Partner Picture

Registered Partner Badge SVG, 3.9 KB

Download your Registered Partner Badge as SVG.

Silver Partner Picture

Silver Partner Badge SVG, 3.1 KB

Download your Silver Partner Banner as SVG.

Gold Partner Picture

Gold Partner Badge SVG, 2.9 KB

Download your Gold Partner Badge as SVG.

Platinum Partner Picture

Platinum Partner Badge SVG, 3.1 KB

Download your Platinum Partner Badge as SVG.

Certified Partner Picture

Certified Partner Badge SVG, 3.3 KB

Download your Certified Partner Badge as SVG.