How to Apply

Everything you need to know about the application process.


We're Looking for Candidates Like You

Your point of contact for the application process is Astrid. If you have any questions feel free to send an email to or call +49 40-325-587-602.

This is what we consider valuable for the application process:

• Transparency

• Speed

• Honest feedback

• An agreement that there are no stupid questions

• A relaxed and conversational atmosphere

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How to Submit Your Application

• Write a compelling cover letter indicating why you'd be a good match for the position and at CoreMedia. Include your most up-to-date resume along with a list of references.

• Combine these documents into a single PDF.

• Send via email to (for positions based in the U.S.) or (for positions based in Germany or the U.K.).

• Feel free to include links to any supporting material (such as personal websites) or surprise us with something unique.

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Helpful Hints to Improve Your Application

• Tell us why you're interested in CoreMedia in general and in the open position specifically.

• Let us know what you're good at. How do you add value?

• What motivates you? What's your passion?

• And how is this position a good match for you?

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The Application Process Explained

• As soon as we receive your application we'll send you a confirmation email.

• We'll then review your documents to determine if there's a match.

• If so, we'll set up an initial phone screen to discuss your qualifications. If we decide to move to the next step, you'll be invited to one of our offices for a personal interview.

• If the initial interview goes well, you'll be invited for a second interview where you may be asked to work on a sample task on-site.

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Tips for the In-Person Interview

• Be yourself. Don't worry about trying to impress us. If we're meeting you face to face we're already impressed. :)

• We see every interview as a dialogue. Let's have a conversation about you, about us, and about whether we're a good match.

• Be open to feedback, which is one of our core values.

• Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

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Protecting Your Data

• Your application and all attachments will only be reviewed by employees from the Human Resources department, and only CoreMedia employees directly involved in the selection process will be given your resume.

• We will keep your application for a maximum of six months.

• For more information, please see our privacy policy.


Share Your Opinion

  • We love to give feedback and also receive it.
  • Feel free to share your opinion on our application process.
  • Visit our company page on Kununu (in German only) and rate us. You'll also be able to see feedback left by other applicants as well as current employees.  

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