Our Culture

Success is fun. And we take it very seriously.

Divers and surfers wanted

Networking. Acceleration. Transformation. The buzzwords of the digital era are real concepts here at CoreMedia, and they're upending traditional business models faster than ever. But we're not surprised – we've been there from the start, developing dynamic digital platforms for complex content management needs and major eCommerce challenges. So join us for the adventure of a lifetime. We're looking for fellow innovators: divers who can go deep, and surfers who can get there quickly.

We love development Picture

We love development

We love development – not just product development but the personal development of every individual, the dynamic development of every team, and the long-term development of our company. Development means remaining in motion, not resting on our laurels. Staying on top by staying hungry. And setting ambitious targets, then hitting them.

We share responsibility Picture

We share responsibility

We share responsibility – which means we are all responsible for the development of our product, the relationships with our partners, and the success of our customers. We expect all CoreMedians to take both personal responsibility, for their work and their office behavior, and corporate responsibility, for their professional development and to achieve the long-term vision of the company.

We value openess Picture

We value openness

We stand for openness. That means we encourage the constant exchange of ideas and a culture of continuous feedback to learn from each other. Honesty is the best policy and constructive criticism makes every idea better. It also means: Come as you are. No one needs to change their personal style or work habits in order to belong. Suits or sneakers, soccer or football, early bird or night owl. Everyone is welcome here.

We’re fun-loving team players Picture

We’re fun-loving team players

We take our work seriously, but we know how vital it is to have fun along the way. We believe strongly that community is built through daily collaboration. And we encourage that with team lunches, group activities, opportunities for professional development, office parties, hackathons, cooking classes, and much more. At CoreMedia, we inspire each other, laugh together, and always find a reason to celebrate.

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