What's New in CoreMedia Content Cloud, v10.2104.1

What's New in CoreMedia Content Cloud, v10.2104.1

Doug Heise, VP Marketing

Doug Heise

At CoreMedia, we know that our customers can’t stand still in the face of constantly shifting requirements and increasing competitive challenges. Brands are under constant pressure to improve their operational efficiency and deliver increasingly innovative customer experiences. With that in mind, we are committed to delivering regular feature updates to help you stay ahead of the market.

The latest Agile Enhancement Pack of CoreMedia Content Cloud (v10, release 2104.1) includes a broad set of tools and enhancements for enhancing productivity, improving content quality, and managing all of the elements you need to create powerful online experiences.

This post summarizes a few of the highlights from this release. CoreMedia customers, partners, and other community members can access the new release HERE.

Key new capabilities in the release include the following:

Access Acrolinx Feedback Directly in CoreMedia Studio

Acrolinx is an AI-powered content governance solution that helps companies improve the clarity, performance, consistency, and compliance of their online content.

CoreMedia has added a pre-built Acrolinx connector to the Experience Feedback Hub. CoreMedia users can now open an Acrolinx sidebar within Studio to optimize their content, including feedback on spelling, grammar, style and much more.

The Acrolinx and CoreMedia integration helps enterprises scale corporate voice, brand, terminology and more across marketing, product, and support teams to ensure all content meets corporate guidelines. Accessible directly within the CoreMedia Studio user interface, Acrolinx helps marketers, merchandizers, support and tech doc writers to create quality content. It scans and scores their content across seven different writing goals: Tone, Correctness, Clarity, Consistency, Inclusivity, Scannability, Words and Phrases.

Acrolinx Sidebar

Acrolinx Sidebar

Acrolinx Sidebar in CoreMedia Feedback Hub

CoreMedia and Acrolinx customers will see an increase in throughput without the need of increasing headcount or budget. Customers will be delighted to not only see content that is written to resonate with them, but to experience relevant content throughout their entire journey regardless of the department they are engaging with.

The integration will be available from CoreMedia Labs.

New Personalization Integrations

Content personalization based on testing and segmentation is a tool for reaching a broader audience and enhancing the performance of a shop or a website. Many CoreMedia customers rely on advanced personalization platforms such as Kibo (formerly Monetate), Dynamic Yield or Salesforce Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) to better engage their audiences and deliver relevant content at every point in the customer journey.

Salesforce Interaction Studio

Salesforce Interaction Studio


Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield

Monetate Logo

Monetate Logo

To support these efforts, the CoreMedia Personalization module has been extended to support adapters for each of these providers.

Users can now easily create personalized experiences or segmented content in CoreMedia Studio and connect them to the integrated personalization provider for optimized and personalized delivery.

Personalization Screenshot

Personalization Screenshot

Examples of new personalization Segment Doctype

The integrations will be available from CoreMedia Labs.

Product Lists with Multiple Facet Filters

CoreMedia Content Cloud now supports Product Lists that filter the results based on multiple facets. Before this improvement, only one filter was possible at a time. With the ability to filter the products by multiple facets, editorial users can now tailor their custom landing pages more precisely (e.g. narrow down the results by both color and price). Editorial users are still able to manually place specific product teasers or other content in the resulting list to gain more control.

Depending on the commerce vendor, some facet values can be combined via OR-queries (e.g. color = red OR black), while some facets only allow a single value to be selected at a time. Wherever possible, this configuration is automatically retrieved from the commerce system. In the case of manual configuration, however, the vendor does not offer this.

The total set of available facets and their values is always retrieved dynamically from the commerce system via the Commerce Hub Adapter.

Facets Screenshot

Facets Screenshot

Filter Product Lists by multiple facet values and immediately see results in the preview

Support for Additional Image Formats

A new generation of digital image formats, including JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP, have emerged in recent years that offer superior compression and quality characteristics compared to their older JPEG and PNG counterparts.

For example, using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster. Its developers claim that WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs and 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images at equivalent SSIM quality index. (https://developers.google.com/speed/webp)

As a result of these performance enhancements, many customers have been requesting that CoreMedia provide support for these new formats to help them meet their quality and performance goals.

With this update, developers can enable the CoreMedia Headless server and the Content Application Engine to deliver images in a variety of new formants, including WebP, by means of the improved Image Transformation API.

The resulting websites and applications will deliver a better end-user experience in terms of high-quality images, improved performance, and SEO scores.

Greater Visibility of Potential Content Issues

CoreMedia’s Content Validators play an important role in maintaining high quality content repositories by highlighting potential inconsistencies or errors. However, since the warnings are only visible when the content tab is open, it can be easy to forget about these issues once the user has moved on to other tasks. In some cases, this has led to site inconsistencies and poor-quality content.

The CoreMedia Studio now offers a new filter that provides a persistent overview of the healthiness of your company’s sites. This filter allows users to search for content with issues based on their severity. Users can even create Dashboard Widgets and Search Folders - in combination with other default and custom filters - to target the most important parts of their content repository precisely.

Filters Screenshot

Filters Screenshot

Content Issues Filter

With this new tool, editors and site managers can save valuable time and improve content quality significantly by checking for content issues in a highly visible interface.

By keeping the overview of issues in the repository and fixing them before they get into production, the content quality and the overall end-user experience is improved.

Next Steps

If you're an existing customer or partner and you'd like to find out more about these features, you can get more info HERE.

If you're not yet a partner or customer, but thinking you might like to be, contact us as info@coremedia.com or sign up for our new release newsletter HERE.

And check back here in another 4 to 6 weeks to hear about our next release.

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