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    Optimize and differentiate your portal operations with innovative contextual, social and mobile offerings.

Media portals face competition on all fronts

As audiences increasingly go online, the pace of content consumption has exploded as up-to-the-minute content has become available immediately from Web portals, blogs and social media services such as Twitter and Facebook.

Against this background of growing competition from content aggregators and social networks, major online media portals ― including those managed by telcos and new online-only brands ― are struggling to establish their brand, grow their online revenues, monetize audiences across multiple channels and enhance their customer service.

Gain the competitive edge with innovative contextual, social and mobile offerings

To remain competitive, media portal providers must focus their content activities around a single, flexible and highly configurable media management hub.

The CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment helps media portal providers to optimize and differentiate their online-only portal operations and benefit by:

  • Monetize

    Monetizing Online Audiences by delivering innovative and relevant experiences that attract and engage visitors


    Scalability Icon

    Industry-Leading Scalability to manage and deliver web portals that support billions of page views each month


    Parallel Portals Icon

    Management of Parallel Portals to enable portal operators to run multiple online portal properties from a centralized portal delivery hub

    Diverse Content Icon

    Diverse Portal Content – from Video-on-Demand, interactive programming, program guides and games to more traditional audio, video and text   

  • Ease of Use

    Ease of Operation allows business users to produce and publish content with minimal support from IT or third parties     

    Social Scalability Icon

    Optimizing Social Content supports the development of massively scalable social communities for engaging social interactions


    Contextual Delivery Icon

    Contextual Content Delivery enables the creation, preview and development of highly customized portals for specific segment targeting



Solution Components

CoreMedia Media & Entertainment Solution

CoreMedia draws together all the key components needed to deliver an innovative, end-to-end solution for media companies. The solution provides a range of flexible deployment options that enables CoreMedia to support media companies of all sizes ― from local publishers and broadcasters to major global conglomerates.

The foundation of the CoreMedia Solution for Media & Entertainment is the CoreMedia Blueprint, an industry-specific “best practices” framework. CoreMedia Blueprint is built, enhanced and field-proven on some of the world’s most demanding and high-performance media websites, and leverages the following product components:

  1. CoreMedia 8 – the industry leading, high-performance Digital Experience (DX) platform for dynamic content delivery

  2. CoreMedia Personalization – providing editors, programmers and brand managers with everything they need to manage and deliver unique personalized Web experiences to their audiences

  3. CoreMedia Omni-channel – enabling device-specific context information and native experiences on smartphones and tablets such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices and future consumer devices

  4. CoreMedia Social – offering all the features needed to engage audiences and build communities around brands and content.


More Information for Broadcasters

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  • Additional Information

    Media & Entertainment Solution for Media Portals Fact Sheet

    This 2-page fact sheet explains how the CoreMedia Media and Entertainment Solution enables media portal providers to optimize and differentiate your portal operations with innovative contextual, social and mobile offerings.

    Media & Entertainment Solution Brochure

    This brochure explains how CoreMedia can help media companies deliver true business value on the Web by driving increased engagement and conversions.

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