Leveraging traditional audience loyalty to deliver and monetize multi-channel experiences online.

CoreMedia Media & Entertainment Solution - Broadcasting

The explosion of online options, harnessed by new social media and online-only video providers has fragmented traditional broadcast audiences, weakened brand loyalties and made advertising dollars harder to come by ― particularly for local affiliates.

These pressures are driving broadcasters to focus on delivering unique and innovative online experiences for their audiences.

Although the number of viewers who have “cut the cord” on their cable television subscription remains small, the explosion of online options has fragmented traditional broadcast audiences, weakened brand loyalties and made advertising dollars harder to come by — particularly for local affiliates.

To expand their reach and prepare for an increasingly multi-channel future, broadcasters must leverage their unique content, their loyal audiences and extensive domain experience to extend and win their audiences online.

Control, flexibility and efficiency - turning complexity into opportunity.

  • Finding new ways to leverage local, national and global brands
  • An increasing number of competitors offering online and over-the-top services Synchronizing online content with broadcast programing systems
  • Managing rights and restrictions associated with broadcast content
  • Audience loyalty shifts to content brands and personalities
  • Leverage increased online social interaction to build loyalty and grow revenue

Control, flexibility and efficiency - turning complexity into opportunity.

The CoreMedia Solution for Media & Entertainment helps broadcasters to successfully implement their online business models and leverage these benefits:

  • Monetizing Online Audiences – increase revenue through delivering innovative, relevant and engaging experiences
  • Increased Content Value – through more efficient syndication and repurposing of contextual content across multiple channels
  • Cost Reduction – through multi-site publishing and consolidation from a centrally-managed content hub
  • Publishing Optimization – increase page views and leverage long tail via content targeting, automated topical page creation and contextual fragments
  • Synchronize Cross-Channel Publishing – ensure fastest time-to-Web for breaking news and tight synchronization with 24/7 broadcast schedules
  • 24/7 Content Delivery – with time-based content management and scheduled publishing
  • Get News To The Market Faster – leverage the quick-start capabilities of the CoreMedia Blueprint with pre-configured publishing templates and industry specific functionality

Delivering an innovative, end-to-end solution to media companies of all sizes.

CoreMedia Solution for Media & Entertainment

CoreMedia draws together all the key components needed to deliver an innovative, end-to-end solution for media companies. The solution provides a range of flexible deployment options — including an On-Premise solution and flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings from two established global partners. This enables CoreMedia to support media companies of all sizes ― from local publishers and broadcasters to major global conglomerates. All of these options are backed by CoreMedia’s industry leading, high-performance Digital Experience (DX) platform, CoreMedia 8.

The CoreMedia Solution for Media & Entertainment consists of:

  • CoreMedia Blueprint – This industry-specific “best practices” framework is field-proven on some of the world’s most demanding and high performance media websites and is built upon the following product components:
  1. CoreMedia 8– a powerful digital experience platform for dynamic content delivery
  2. CoreMedia Personalization – providing editors, programmers and brand managers with everything they need to manage and deliver unique personalized Web experiences to their audiences
  3. CoreMedia Omni-channel – enabling device-specific context information and native experiences on smartphones and tablets such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices and future consumer devices
  4. CoreMedia Social - offering all the features needed to engage audiences and build communities around brands and content.
  • Hosted Partner Solutions Powered By CoreMedia 8:

  1. T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (Europe)
  2. Internet Broadcasting (North America)
  • Industry Leading Professional Services for Media –  CoreMedia and its partners provide experienced and certified professional service experts who have worked with some of the world’s largest media companies to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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