CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce

    Unified Digital Customer Experiences

    CoreMedia LiveContext’s core functionality provides companies with everything they need to transform their online stores. But for some companies — particularly those with global Web properties or multiple brand sites — this may not be enough.

    Companies that want to achieve real competitive differentiation need to manage unified omni-channel experiences with an intelligent and flexible blend of content management and e-Commerce functionality that encompasses all of a company’s digital customer experience initiatives.

    To meet this need, CoreMedia provides an optional set of advanced features that enable the solution to serve as a centralized management and engagement hub for blended brand experiences across all of a companies Web properties — including multi-language sites.

    Digital Hub

    Unite Brand and Commerce Worlds

    Digital Hub

    Companies that wish to achieve real competitive differentiation must deliver unified omni-channel experiences with an intelligent and flexible blend of branded content and e-Commerce functionality.a

    CoreMedia LiveContext powers a unique, hybrid integration of CoreMedia's Web Content Management and IBM's WebSphere Commerce platforms that ensures that the attention is focused on business opportunities rather than technical limitations - with shoppers experiencing the difference.

    Cohesive Blending of Brand and Stores

    Online stores are seamlessly blended with campaign and brand sites to create a cohesive experience across all channels and consumers are reached across the entire customer journey with unified, consistent messaging. Session, cart, segmentation and user information is automatically shared across brand and store sites – in real-time.

    Mobile-First, Multi-Touchpoint Design

    Reach shoppers on all channels – mobile, web, in-store, email, and more – with built-in mobile first design elements and responsive Web technology. Detect a visitors' device and automatically deliver a device-specific experience.

    Ease of Integration with Expanding Digital Ecosystem

    Orchestrate content in real-time from multiple sources and optimize the experience for all customers with integrated, cross-channel personalization and optimization. New services and technologies can be effectively integrated with existing enterprise systems and deployed rapidly.

    Multi-language Capabilities

    Execute Effective Brand Management

    One of the biggest challenges faced by companies today is the difficulty of maintaining the quality, consistency, and accuracy of information that is shared across multiple corporate brand or global sites.

    CoreMedia LiveContext masters these multi-site challenges and ensures brand cohesiveness, global and corporate-wide campaign coordination and effective asset utilization.

    Management of Multiple Sites

    Companies with multiple brand or regional sites can increase control; reduce operating costs and speed time to web for corporate-wide product rollouts or global campaigns. All properties - each with multiple sites, languages, or output channels – can be consolidated onto a single management and publishing infrastructure. A new site can be dynamically added to the system without any downtime.

    Content and Layout Reuse and Flexibility

    Costs can be reduced, efficiency improved, and the value of corporate content maximized by creating content once and reusing it on multiple Web properties without the need for duplication. Marketing and e-Commerce teams can manage and reuse individual content items and business logic – not just static pages. Content and layouts can be shared or reused across sites based on user, group or site permissions.

    Translation Workflows

    End-to-end workflows to translate content into multiple languages is provided out-of-the-box. Business users can initiate the translation process by selecting the master content, creating a new language variant and forwarding it to a colleague or external agency for side-by-side translation and localization. Integrations with external translation management systems are enabled via standard exchange formats such as XLIFF.

    Central Control and Local Autonomy

    Support for multiple centralized or automomous models can enable local business users to customize virtually all aspects of their site or ensure central control of those features that must be consistent across all web properties. Navigation from original content to localized variants and from localized content to master versions is simplified.


    Efficient and Collaborative Teamwork

    By necessity, content and commerce teams are often forced to work in isolation. The new demands of experiential commerce, however, require these teams to work in a much more coordinated fashion, while still retaining their unique strengths and efficient processes.

    CoreMedia LiveContext supports both lightweight and more structured collaboration tools that cover the entire content lifecycle from the creation, translation and revision of content all the way through to approval, delivery and optimization.

    Shared Content Sets

    Business users can work together – across departments and pre-defined roles – on shared content sets that combine multiple, related assets. They also have access to a personalized “My Edited Content” area that automatically displays all content they have edited within a specified time frame. They can then place these items into a new content set for sharing or into a publication workflow.

    Approve and Publish Content Sets

    In situations where time-to-Web is critical, business users must have access to fast and efficient publication and approval workflows. Content sets can be sent to designated admins for quick approval or simple 2- and 3-step publication workflows can be initiated. Managers can make ad hoc changes to the workflow at any point to prevent bottlenecks or adapt to unexpected events such as staff illness. Tracking of workflow activity provides a complete history of each content set.

    Ease of Integration with Advanced Workflows

    To address more complex environments, CoreMedia LiveContext supports a range of more advanced and structured multi-step publishing and approval workflows.