CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce

    The Era of the Experience-Driven Shopper

    Empowered and mobilized consumers are expecting experiences that move beyond the mere mechanics of Transactional Commerce.

    According to Forrester Research, “It is no longer enough to enable an online catalog and transactional eCommerce: Today's marketers want to tell brand and product stories through the deep personalization and contextualization of content and interactive digital experiences.”1

    Experiential Commerce attempts to understand the shopper throughout their journey and develop an emotional connection that delights, inspires and informs - leading to increased traffic, engagement, revenue and loyalty.

    CoreMedia LiveContext 2.0 is a next-generation digital engagement application that enables Experiential Commerce by empowering e-Commerce and marketing professionals to transform their online IBM WebSphere Commerce stores into visually appealing and immersive experiences.

    Visually Engaging

    Visual Engagement Attracts Shoppers

    Visual Engagement

    A fairly rigid, catalog-driven structure for displaying and navigating products is very effective for transactional commerce but leads to online stores that lack differentiation. With 92.6% of shoppers indicating that visuals are the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision, the visual impact must move beyond cookie cutter product catalogs.

    Entice Shoppers with Stunning Design Elements

    CoreMedia LiveContext provides business users with full control over the look and feel of their marketing content and product information. It provides numerous visually appealing, free form layout options and a comprehensive catalog of design elements — including slide shows, carousel views, tabs, and more.

    Rapidly Extend Online Store and Incorporate Exciting Layouts View video

    By providing pre-built site templates CoreMedia makes it easy for marketers and e-Commerce professionals to rapidly extend and enhance their stores without involving IT.

    Master Multi-Channel Commerce with Responsive, Adaptive Design and Management

    CoreMedia LiveContext’s fluid page grids and flexible image handling is based on modern responsive Web design technologies (including HTML5, CSS3, and Media Queries) that adapt to the screen width of and browser on any device — from smartphones and tablets all the way to desktop PCs.

    Immersive Content

    Immersive Content Increases Engagement

    Immersive Content

    When customers interact with a company they expect a unified experience across all channels. The siloed approach to building online shops and brand identities is unable to effectively address the growing demands of this new breed of empowered, experience-driven digital consumer. To ensure that e-Commerce experiences are as relevant, unified and “frictionless” as possible, CoreMedia LiveContext engages this new breed of experience-driven shopper with three primary capabilities:

    Blended Marketing and Product Information

    Content created and managed in CoreMedia LiveContext can be combined with real-time product information from IBM WebShere Commerce and brought into the online store. Pages can be enhanced with interactive image maps, rich media, inspirational content, and social analytics. This content can be personalized based on a users profile, cart contents, past purchases, social activity, and more. Product detail pages and checkout pages can also be augmented with rich media and social content.

    View video Attract and Keep Visitors Engaged with Product Aligned Storytelling

    Customers have an emotional attachment to a particular brand that is best addressed through story telling. Stories can be constructed around virtually any product or collection of products. When products are combined together with rich media as part of a real-life user story, they do a much better job of addressing the practical and emotional needs of the shopper.

    Increase Product Impact with Immersive, Rich Media

    Marketing and e-Commerce professionals can manage, edit, and integrate a wide variety of rich media content types including images, PDFs, binary files, videos, style sheets and access a comprehensive library of content templates, layouts and styles. A powerful image-editing tool with rich out-of-the-box functionality that includes cropping, rotation and filtering is provided.

    CoreMedia Studio

    Incremental Innovation Delivers Results

    Shifting approaches — from transactional to experiential — is not something that can happen overnight. Although companies face enormous pressure to transform their online properties to deliver improved customer experiences across any platform, they need to manage their level of risk by taking an evolutionary and predictable approach that lays a sustainable foundation for future growth. Too many large-scale IT projects run over budget, and more than half provide less functionality than expected.

    Grow-as-you-go Approach Ensures Immediate Value and Long-term Success

    CoreMedia LiveContext provides a safer, more flexible, and more “future-proof” solution. The “grow-as-you-go” implementation approach is designed to provide predictable results at a reasonable price. Solutions like this are meant to serve as the foundation for a longer-term customer experience strategy, not a “one-and-done” marketing campaign. It is an evolutionary implementation process and CoreMedia supports companies at every stage of their growth.

    Protect Your Investments with a Validated IBM Solution

    IBM Ready for Commerce Business Partner

    When companies select CoreMedia LiveContext, they have access to a fully productized offering that has been officially validated for use by IBM. Classified as providing "Impressive and seamless ‘two-way’ integration that addresses key challenges and shows thoroughness and attention to usability," this validation ensures that our joint customers are able to protect their existing investments and get the most from both platforms.

    Reduce Risk with a Predictable, Fixed Price Implementation

    CoreMedia provides a predictable, convenient implementation option called the Express Deployment Solution (EDS). EDS is a fixed-price, fixed-scope deployment offering aligned with tangible business value and delivered within 10 weeks. CoreMedia LiveContext is designed to augment the existing shop functionality, rather than requiring a “rip-and-replace” of existing technologies and processes.

    Empower e-Commerce Professionals with a Flexible, Intuitive Design Environment

    CoreMedia Studio is a dynamic, Web-based interface for the design, creation and delivery of content driven experiences that can be seamlessly integrated into the online store. It’s here that business users will feel at home as they create, preview, and publish compelling pages and microsites that seamlessly blend brand content with product information from IBM WebSphere Commerce.

    (1) Forrester Research Inc., “Content And Commerce: The Odd Couple Or The Power Couple?” by Peter Sheldon and Stephen Powers, Nov. 19, 2013.

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