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LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Guide CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM® WebSphere® Commerce is a digital marketing application that enables users of IBM WebSphere Commerce to enhance their customers’ online shopping experiences with visually engaging, contextually relevant, socially connected content.

The relationship between CoreMedia’s innovative experience management capabilities and IBM’s advanced commerce platform brings the brand and shopping experience together into a single cohesive experience. Product information, pricing, personalization, and marketing capabilities are integrated in real time to create dynamic online brand experiences.

Like any good relationship, the result is greater than the sum of its parts. The seamless blending of brand, content, community and e-Commerce results in increased visitor traffic and engagement, greater brand awareness, improved SEO, higher sales and improved customer loyalty.

The 9 Key Capabilities of LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce


The creation of engaging, unified customer experiences can only happen when marketers and e-Commerce professionals are empowered to be as creative and efficient as possible.

CoreMedia Studio is CoreMedia LiveContext's dynamic, Web-based editorial interface for creating and accessing content from multiple sources — including from IBM WebSphere Commerce catalogs, e-spots and campaigns — and designing visually engaging Web experiences that can be seamlessly integrated into the online store.

CoreMedia Studio is where business users can create, preview, and publish sophisticated pages and microsites that blend brand content (including editorial, social, personalized, and rich media content) with e-Commerce data (product data, packages, promotions, and more).

And, unlike some Web tools, CoreMedia Studio is information-based, meaning that it allows editorial teams to manage (and reuse) individual content assets — not just static pages.

Highly efficient editorial interface that puts business users in charge of content creation.


CoreMedia LiveContext provides business users with complete control over the look and feel of their editorial and commerce content — and provides numerous visually appealing layout options — right out of the box.

Because CoreMedia LiveContext separates content from layout and presentation, content can be restructured and re-used in a variety of styles and layout. CoreMedia LiveContext provides flexible page grids and a library of pre-defined presentation elements (including slide shows, carousel view, tabs, and more) that can be easily applied to maximize impact and effectiveness.


Full flexibility to manage the design, structure and layout of microsites.


CoreMedia LiveContext enables marketers and e-Commerce professionals to access up-to-the-minute product data, blend it with brand and editorial content and infuse it into the entire consumer shopping experience.

This content is dynamically rendered in real-time rather than by copying static content elements, ensuring that your information is always up-to-date. By seamlessly blending these two worlds, CoreMedia helps you get more out of your existing content and commerce investments.

LiveContext Blended Content

Access e-Commerce product data and blend it with inspirational content 
to increase the impact of product pages.


CoreMedia LiveContext makes it easy to manage, edit, and integrate a wide variety of content including images, PDFs, binary files, style sheets, and sophisticated page layouts. Business users can upload content from multiple sources (including Web visitors), edit images (cropping, rotation, filtering), create image maps and galleries, integrate videos, and manage a library of content templates and styles.

The native integration of rich media allows you to increase the relevance and impact of your online store.

LiveContext Multi-Media

Engage potential customers with images, documents and other forms of multi-media.


CoreMedia LiveContext addresses the requirement for easy-to-use, scalable social interaction, with deeply integrated tools for social conversations, user contributed content, and social moderation.

CoreMedia LiveContext comes with a broad range of pre-built social capabilities including ratings, comments, discussions, and rich media uploads. Business users can solicit consumer participation and select the best content and publish this to their sites.

CoreMedia LiveContext also provides powerful moderation tools that allow business users to manage the conversation and maintain control over their brand.

LiveContext Social Media

Incorporate and moderate interactive social media into the content world.


Customers expect access to a wider set of information and services — from both new and legacy software systems. CoreMedia LiveContext provides an open integration architecture that orchestrates digital content from multiple sources.

CoreMedia LiveContext comes with pre-built integrations with a range of key third party tools including RSS feeds and video management platforms. CoreMedia allows business users to access this content in real time and incorporate it directly into the e-Commerce experience — to drive personalization, enable new services, or optimize site performance.

LiveContext Third-Party Integration

Optimize the online experience with pre-built, third-party integrations.


Different consumers have different needs and goals — and they expect that their e-Commerce experience will adapt to reflect their unique history and current situation. CoreMedia LiveContext supports a range of advanced personalization scenarios for IBM WebSphere Commerce. You can deliver personalized content to shoppers based on user profile, cart contents, past purchases, social activity, and more.

CoreMedia LiveContext allows you to define sophisticated business rules to show different products or branded content to each user. These rules can be based on customer data pulled from WebSphere Commerce or other third party systems.

LiveContext Personalization

Delivering personalized commerce experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


CoreMedia LiveContext augments your online store with the ability to effectively create and manage large amounts of relevant, searchable content. It also allows you to tag content and generate automated topic pages that expose ever-larger amounts of new and archived content to both visitors and search engines.

CoreMedia LiveContext unites your brand and commerce sites with consistent URL scheme and allows you to seamlessly build SEO-compatible links between commerce and content sites, further strengthening your combined search engine presence. CoreMedia LiveContext has also been designed to honor and apply any existing URL and SEO rules defined in your PIM.

LiveContext SEO

Seamlessly blending commerce with content makes it easier for your customers to find you.


CoreMedia provides a predictable, convenient Express Deployment Solution (EDS) option for its CoreMedia LiveContext customers.

EDS is a fixed-price, fixed-scope offering that includes deep product-level integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce. It ensures that you will be able to implement CoreMedia LiveContext in a reasonable time (often less than 10 weeks) while ensuring a predictable price with minimal risk. Subsequent extensions are aligned with tangible business value.

LiveContext EDS

CoreMedia LiveContext EDS:  pre-defined scope, quick results, industry best practices and flexible growth.

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