CoreMedia Blueprint

The rapid development solution for advanced Web projects.

Website Blueprint


The Blueprint is CoreMedia’s rapid development platform for advanced Web projects and ongoing innovation repository. Often organizations are faced with one of two scenarios when selecting the right Web Content Management technology:

  • A wide range of out-of-the-box functionality with a limited ability to customize it on your own, or
  • Limited out-of-the box features with a flexible platform to develop your own features and functionality

The CoreMedia Blueprint represents the best of both worlds. It contains a set of preconfigured tools, templates, and features that can be deployed immediately — yet it is built on top of our flexible, highly customizable CMS platform to ensure that every solution is unique.

In order to support the requirements of the largest possible set of target customers, the pre-built features included in the CoreMedia Blueprint have been separated into two categories: Core and Flex.

  • CoreMedia Blueprint

    Blueprint Core contains a set of common, product-ready tools that are common to most web properties and can help developers get a new website up and running quickly. It also includes a developer workspace for the fast assembly and implementation of project deployment packages. Core features receive the same level of support and maintenance that are given to the base CMS and are updated according to the standard product release cycle.

  • Blueprint Flex contains a range of more advanced code modules and templates that are appropriate for more sophisticated web projects or those requiring a higher level of customization or competitive differentiation. Flex includes customizable source code that has been extracted from successful CoreMedia projects and modified so that it can be used by other clients and partners. Blueprint Flex helps CoreMedia’s clients implement some of the product’s most advanced contextual, social, and mobile capabilities.

The platform contains three sample site templates with associated content examples:

  1. Media site

  2. Multilingual corporate site

  3. "QuickStart" site that you can immediately copy and adapt for any purpose

Blueprint includes site templates based on the latest Responsive Web Design principles and support a range of innovative standards such HTML5 and CSS3, along with a number of proprietary enhancements. This means that any website based on these templates can provide an excellent visitor experience on any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones without the need for any external software..

The Website Blueprint has the following key features:

  • Flexible page grid layouts
  • Advanced search
  • Dynamic content
  • Taxonomies and tags
  • Multi-variant images
  • Time-based publishing
  • Mobile templates and tools

Innovative companies can take advantage of the following benefits from the Blueprint:

  • Learn by example and leverage years of experience gained from some of the world’s most demanding and high-performance websites
  • Kick off projects faster and accelerate time-to-Web with the latest innovative capabilities
  • Provides highly innovative customers with a constant stream of new features
  • Quickly develop demos or proof of concept sites
  • Do more with less — better utilization of IT budget and staff
  • Drive increased competitive differentiation
  • Leverage a common architecture to innovate while reducing cost and risk