The Smarter B2C e-Commerce Solution for IBM WebSphere Commerce

CoreMedia LiveContext's IBM validated, out-of-the-box integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce, enables customers to rapidly augment their existing IBM online stores with visually engaging and immersive content without disrupting their business.

IBM and CoreMedia: A Powerful Partnership

CoreMedia LiveContext's unrivaled integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce’s existing product catalog, e-Marketing and personalization capabilities is the result of extensive collaboration with and unique access to the IBM product teams. The two systems are linked by a common set of APIs, sophisticated session handling and an efficient publishing model that blends real-time product data with branded content.

CoreMedia LiveContext augments the capabilities of the IBM WCS Management Center with support for adaptive and responsive image handling, flexible text overlays, “drag and drop” image maps, flexible navigation management, SEO optimization tools, real-time multi-channel previews, mobile-first site templates, fully reusable content assets, and advanced personalization of both content and commerce elements.

Working together, CoreMedia and IBM provide a complete Experiential Commerce solution to drive brand building and enrich product catalogs.

Unique B2C Benefits for IBM WebSphere Commerce Customers

In addition to all of the key capabilities of Visual Engagement, Immersive Content and Incremental Innovation, the CoreMedia B2C solution for IBM WebSphere Commerce provides these unique features and capabilities.


CoreMedia LiveContext for the IBM Marketing Cloud

The IBM Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based digital marketing platform that provides email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement solutions. By extending CoreMedia LiveContext to connect with the IBM Marketing Cloud, joint customers can easily create personalized email newsletters and targeted landing pages that are seamlessly integrated with their existing Web content, media assets, and e-Commerce data – all from a single user interface.


More Information on B2C IBM e-Commerce

  • Videos and Webcasts

    CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM Marketing Cloud Integration Showcase Video

    Bob Balfe, Senior Technical Staff Member for World Wide IBM Commerce, shows how easily CoreMedia Studio integrates with WebSphere Commerce and the IBM Marketing Cloud. Watch the video.

    Visual Engagement Attracts Shoppers

    This 4-minute video shows how CoreMedia LiveContext users can create a search landing page and visually enhance it with attractive content and flexible design elements — including slide shows, carousel views, tabs, and more.

    Immersive Content Increases Engagement

    This 4-minute video shows how CoreMedia LiveContext users can create a custom story around a collection of products on their online store that elicits an emotional connection with their customers that delights, inspires and informs.

  • Additional Information

    CoreMedia LiveContext for the IBM Marketing Cloud Fact Sheet

    This 2-page fact sheet explains how retailers can take advantage of CoreMedia’s deep, real-time integration with the IBM Marketing Cloud to deliver customizable experiences with the right content at the right time.

    A Personality Test for Shoppers

    Shoppers have different personalities and their shopping strategies can be radically different. This guide identifies and describes eight key shopper personalities and provides tips for attracting and engaging each personality type.

    e-Commerce Survey Report

    This report summarizes the results of CoreMedia’s recent survey on e-Commerce attitudes towards Experiential Commerce and provides practical recommendations for devising and executing an effective content and commerce strategy.

    Contextual e-Commerce Business White Paper

    This white paper explains how a consistent, contextual approach to online

    engagement can positively impact e-Commerce and explains how companies can integrate contextual content into their broader customer experience approach.

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