• CoreMedia LiveContext, Enhance Customer Experience

  • Rapidly transform boring online product catalogs into B2C customer experiences that inspire, inform and convert.

    For IBM and In-house Commerce Platforms.

The New Era of B2C Experiential Commerce

Traditional online stores are focused on products, promotions and transactions. They’re efficient, secure and fast —  but not very inspiring. And any attempt to improve their visual appeal or introduce more engaging content lands up being slow, costly and inefficient.

Today's shoppers expect more and leading retailers know that they have to respond quicker. But they cannot afford to disrupt their existing online business and must be able to innovate incrementally at a pace that makes sense.

CoreMedia has pioneered the next generation of commerce — Experiential Commerce — with CoreMedia LiveContext. Shoppers are supported throughout their journey while retailers build emotional connections that delight, inspire and inform — leading to increased traffic, engagement, revenue and loyalty. And they can do all this quickly, cost-effectively and without disruption.


The 3 Key Capabilities for Experiential Commerce

CoreMedia LiveContext addresses the demand for experiential commerce by providing these three key foundational capabilities:


“It is no longer enough to enable an online catalog and transactional e-Commerce: Today's marketers want to tell brand and product stories through the deep personalization and contextualization of content and interactive digital experiences."

Peter Sheldon and Stephen Powers. “Content and Commerce: The Odd Couple or The Power Couple.” November 2013. Forrester Research, Inc.

CoreMedia Studio: More than Just a Pretty Interface

Empowering Business Users to Design and Deliver Compelling Experiences

The creative heart of CoreMedia LiveContext is its CoreMedia Studio web-based user interface. To keep pace with customer expectations, business users must be able to combine both marketing content and real-time product information from a variety of sources within a single user interface.

CoreMedia Studio coordinates the activities of multiple online authors and provides them with an intuitive environment for designing, previewing, scheduling and publishing engaging omni-channel customer experiences — including promotions, sponsored content, and product-driven micro-sites. This leads to improved productivity, reduced dependency on IT and faster time to Web. The result is an augmented online store that inspires shoppers and drives more conversions.

One Rapid Solution with Multiple Options

CoreMedia has engineered its experiential commerce solution to effectively address a broad range of digital content and asset management scenarios for IBM and In-house e-Commerce platforms.

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