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Content Management

Smart Content Management for Consistent, Relevant Experiences

Always-on consumers expect to be able to meet more and more of their everyday needs online and demand consistent, real-time interactions across any channel or device. CoreMedia’s content management capabilities are designed to support a wide range of online and mobile applications with high traffic volume and omni-channel delivery requirements. Based on a high-performance architecture and open interfaces, the system can be flexibly modified to suit complex business requirements.


Reach Audiences on Device, Channel, or Platform

Because its modular architecture separates content from layout and business rules, CoreMedia can deliver unified and consistent digital experiences that unite siloed business processes and connect all touchpoints in the customer journey – from mobile and desktop devices to kiosks and digital display systems. CoreMedia’s responsive templates, flexible site layouts, and adaptive image handling ensure that your content will look great on any devices and channels.

Centralized Management for Regional Sites and Multiple Brands

Centralized Management for Multiples Regions and Brands

CoreMedia helps you master the challenges of global and multi-site publishing with a centralized management capability that simplifies the editing processes and reduces time-to-market for multi-site/language product launches and marketing campaigns. With CoreMedia you can easily manage content for multiple sites, instantly compare content across sites, launch end-to-end translation workflows, and localize content for different regions and sites.


Promote Dialogue and Build Community

CoreMedia’s social tools help you manage the customer conversation, curate the best content and keep visitor engaged across all channels. CoreMedia includes everything you need to engage in dialogue around your brands and products, including profiles, preferences, ratings, likes, and comments - along with advanced moderation capabilities. This highly scalable system allows you to curate and publish social content dynamically with no impact on site performance.

Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time to Increase Relevance and Loyalty

Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time

CoreMedia leverages data from online behavior, social media activity, buying history and content preferences to deliver highly personalized experiences that drive relevance - leading to higher satisfaction levels and conversion rates. CoreMedia’s personalization tools allow you to build detailed visitor profiles to track demographics, behavior, social activity, and more. You can then match these profiles to target customer personas and custom business rules to dynamically deliver relevant content to any visitor on any device.

CoreMedia Rocks
CoreMedia Rocks

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