Empower Business Users

Business User Empowerment

Increase the Agility and Creativity of Global Teams

The combination of customer-driven demand, massive growth in the consumption, and the introduction of new channels means a dramatically different landscape for digital experience professionals. Unfortunately, many editorial tools are outdated and ineffective - with their multiple interfaces and page-based approaches. CoreMedia’s intuitive and extensible user interface CoreMedia Studio, was designed to empower business users with greater creative freedom and increased efficiency. CoreMedia Studio incorporates a new paradigm for collaboration and provides users with a single integrated environment that gives them access to their entire content ecosystem, while still ensuring the proper level of control and oversight.

Design, Preview and Deliver Omni-Channel Experiences

CoreMedia Studio a single, intuitive and web-based interface that integrates all solution components, providing business users with the creative flexibility needed to connect with their customers and reduce their dependency on IT. CoreMedia Studio allows you to access digital content from multiple sources, preview it in real-time for different audiences, devices, and times and publish it to any channel or device. And because it is build on open standards, you can easily extend it with custom taxonomies, business modeling, and new content types.

Creative Freedom to Adapt Design and Layout

CoreMedia Studio gives you greater creative freedom and fine-tuned control over every aspect of your site’s design and layout.  It includes numerous visually appealing layout options and a comprehensive catalog of design elements — including slide shows, carousel views, tabs, image maps, photo galleries, and more. Drag and drop control, fluid page grids, and simple in-page editing tools make it easy to restructure all of these elements on the fly – without waiting for IT.

Reuse - Work Smarter with Content Optimized for Reuse

Work Smarter with Content Optimized for Reuse

Because CoreMedia separates content from presentation, efficiencies can be gained and the value of corporate content maximized by creating content once and reusing it on multiple digital properties without the need for duplication. Content and layouts can be shared or reused across sites based on user, group or site permissions. CoreMedia’s object-oriented approach also makes it easy to preview and publish individual content items in a wide range of contexts – leading to easier automation, improved integration and enhanced scalability.

Flexible Collaboration for Teams, Tasks and Timelines

CoreMedia incorporates an entirely new paradigm for creative teamwork that includes fast and flexible collaboration tools for informal, everyday production tasks as well as pre-built workflows for more formal publication and translation processes. CoreMedia lets you manage tasks and timelines with real-time project updates, enable ad hoc collaboration around shared content sets, and launch publication or translation workflows directly from projects.

CoreMedia Rocks
CoreMedia Rocks

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