Coding Trials to Online Innovations

Developing the microsites, features and campaigns that marketing demands is like performing acrobatics without a net—thanks to the legacy systems Tom must work with.

A look at Tom’s day shows why a web content management (WCM) solution needs built-in flexibility, along with the APIs and SDKs that make it easy to customize and extend.

This video series explores the dynamics involved when selecting a WCM platform.

CoreMedia 7 – Fast, Efficient and Flexible

Creating web experiences that engage and motivate customers is becoming more challenging by the day. It doesn’t help when page templates constrict design. Duplicate content in your repositories challenges referential integrity and can become a recipe for disaster as volumes escalate. But, even worse, the delays to responsiveness are putting you in the hot seat with marketing. A lack of control and stability can jeopardize performance and land you in more of those dreaded “war room” meetings.

CoreMedia 7 Showcase The need to create new and ever-more engaging online customer experiences will not diminish. With a solution that provides a Blueprint for simplified, custom implementation that empowers business users, web developers can support campaign launches and website updates—instead of playing the starring role.

CoreMedia 7 helps IT departments balance speed and scale through tools such as the CoreMedia CDN Cache Connector, CAE Developer Toolkit and dynamic templating. With fine-grained control over the performance of social, contextual and multi-channel applications, a web content management system built to be flexible can help you stay backstage and out of the spotlight.