Opt for Business User Empowerment

You’ve been pining for a new web content management (WCM) solution that will equip you to become more self-sufficient and deliver faster without having to waiting on your web developers.

When the day comes for you to provide your input on that new system, how will you make your recommendations?

Find out how Stefanie prioritizes her list.

This video series explores the dynamics involved when selecting a WCM platform.

CoreMedia 7 – Business User Empowerment

Keeping pace with your customers’ expectations online can be an exercise in futility if your web content management system (WCM) was designed by geeks—for geeks—without a thought about empowering business users. From tracking down content to version control and launching new campaigns and microsites, you need a solution flexible enough to make you self-sufficient—a system that unleashes your creativity and makes you more productive.

CoreMedia 7 Showcase What it comes down to is meeting the needs of customers who want relevant experiences, not generic websites. Imagine what you could achieve when you can easily manage rich media social content and gain faster time-to-web with new content, microsites and features that create compelling experiences—without waiting for or relying on IT.  

There’s a big difference between an information-oriented interface and one confined by page-based limitations. Dynamic web experiences are within reach when you’re armed with a rules engine that tailors your content for different audiences on the fly. And, a WCM that integrates with your CRM system can make it all happen without duplication and time-intensive manual intervention. CoreMedia 7 puts the responsiveness you’ve dreamed about within easy reach.