Marketing & IT – Aligned for Business

As customer demands for personalized online experiences grow, business executives will play a larger role in selecting technology that drives business.

Michael realizes that working with Anne will not only help IT to be seen as providing business value, but will also ensure the integrity of their enterprise infrastructure.

This video series explores the dynamics involved when selecting a WCM platform.

CoreMedia 7 – Cost-Effective Control and Performance

With more of your business moving online, the need for technology that supports the objectives of business users will continue to escalate. A few years ago, having a website that looked beautiful, but was built on static web pages, was fine. Now, it’s an inhibitor of satisfying digital customer experiences that’s eating your web developers’ time as they struggle with manual coding and limited integration that causes delays to new microsites, campaign launches and content publishing. Choosing to change platforms now can help your company maintain competitive advantages that may be slipping away.

CoreMedia 7 Showcase Of course security and stability are paramount, along with consistent performance and fine-grained operational control. Striking the right balance can be difficult, but a web content management (WCM) solution engineered to be flexible enough for innovative customization and that includes out-of-the-box components to speed deployment can put your team on the right track.

Enabling your team to develop new web capabilities quickly and with lower risk of business disruption is a good start. But the flexibility of the WCM you choose will serve you best if it’s fully optimized for a wide range of Cloud, hybrid and virtualized deployment options, including automated cloud deployment and full integration with content delivery networks.

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