Taking a Mandate by the Horns

Anne has worked hard to keep the business ahead of their competitors but their current website platform is holding them back from a mandate to drive revenue growth online.

Instead of seeing a no-win situation, she's using it to gain the traction she needs to get technology critical to her company’s success.

This video series explores the dynamics involved when selecting a WCM platform.

CoreMedia 7 – Meet Escalating Audience Expectations

Multi-channel customer experiences require delivering targeted content that matches the context of each customer—regardless of market segments, target devices, applications, context or region. Meeting escalating audience expectations is the path to online revenue growth, increasing brand equity and developing new business models.

CoreMedia 7 Showcase Achieving the ecommerce objectives of your company is made possible with an optimized editorial hub for contextual multi-platform publishing that eliminates the barriers to creativity, while enhancing the productivity of the online marketing team. Responsiveness is becoming table stakes with customers in the driver’s seat. It just doesn’t work to have a new microsite tied up in the IT queue for manual coding and development. When shifting expectations require the launch of new campaigns, time is of the essence.

Being “social” is no longer an aside, but an assist to purchase decisions that works best when deeply integrated into the fabric of your customers’ experience. From collaboration to rich media uploads, social content curation, and analytics, the faster your customers get answers and engagement, the more likely they are to take the next step to purchase. Experiences must be orchestrated in response to customer demands. CoreMedia 7 is the web content management (WCM) solution with the functionality and flexibility to make this feasible.